Titans: All 4 seasons ranked from worst to best

Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max
Titans season 4. Image courtesy HBO Max /
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4. Season 1

It’s hard for me to rank the first season of Titans at the bottom of this list because it still holds such a special place in my heart. After all, it’s the season where we fell in love with Dick Grayson, Kory Anders, Rachel Roth, and Gar Logan. However, there were some teething issues that the show needed time to grow out of.

If you hadn’t seen the infamous “F**k Batman” trailer, then the show’s oddly mature approach likely caught you off guard. With the excessive violence and heavy swearing, it was a change for sure, but the heavily grim tone made it all seem quite joyless. Throw in the questionable pacing, the fact that we didn’t get to spend much time with Gar at all and the season’s truncated ending (due to a filmed finale that was scrapped), and it’s really quite rough in hindsight.

But there were positives (and a lot of them). The cast’s instant chemistry made it clear that the show was worth sticking with, and when the pacing picked up in the back half, it started to feel more like the Teen Titans show fans were hoping for.

There was a lot of promise in Titans‘ first season, and even though it didn’t all come together, it was a solid beginning for a show that just needed to find its footing. Thankfully it would do that the longer it went on.