Is Titans season 5 happening? (Is Titans cancelled?)

Titans season 4. Photograph Courtesy of HBO Max.
Titans season 4. Photograph Courtesy of HBO Max. /

Will DC’s Titans season 5 happen? What does the future hold for the HBO Max streaming original DC TV series?

Titans has become one of the most important comic book shows on TV. Debuting on the DC Universe streaming service back in 2018, it went viral for its memorable first trailer and infamously adult approach. It also became an instant hit for the streamer before it moved homes.

The show jumped ship to HBO Max for seasons 3 and 4 after DCU evolved into a comics only platform. The second of those seasons was split into two installments, with the first airing in November 2022 and the second debuting in April 2023.

The fourth season has now completed its run on Max, leaving some fans wondering what’s in store for Titans‘ future. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Titans season 5 happening?

Unfortunately, Titans will not be back for a fifth season. Both it and fellow DC Universe original series Doom Patrol were cancelled by HBO Max earlier this year, meaning that their current seasons would be their last.

Both of those shows were added to a lengthy list of DC Comics programming to be cancelled over the last year as Warner Bros. Discovery looks to build a single shared universe of DC movies and TV shows under the DC Studios brand (which is now overseen by James Gunn and Peter Safran). Gunn confirmed that the decisions regarding both shows’ futures were made before he and Safran took over.

It understandably came as a blow for fans hoping that Titans season 5 would happen, but it wasn’t surprising given how many beloved DC TV shows have been cancelled this past year. With the end of Titans and Doom Patrol, the only remaining series developed for the DC Universe streaming service is Harley Quinn. The end of an exciting era for DC fans.

Thank you, Titans for the memories! You deserved better.

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Would you have liked to have seen a fifth season of Titans happen? What do you think would have went down on Titans season 5 if it was greenlit? Let us know in the comments below!