5 actors who could replace Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in the reboot show

Daniel Radcliffe (Photo by Peter Mountain/WireImage)
Daniel Radcliffe (Photo by Peter Mountain/WireImage) /
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Yellowjackets star Luciano Leroux
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 22: Luciano Leroux attends the World Premiere of Season Two Of Showtime’s “Yellowjackets” at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 22, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/WireImage) /

If you were a kid growing up while the Harry Potter books and movies were coming out, they were no doubt a staple in your childhood. I remember heading to the movie theater for each premiere among fans cosplaying as their favorite witch and wizards. Needless to say, the franchise is a an absolute phenomenon, and it was inevitable that it would be rebooted with another live-action adaption at some point.

In April 2023, Warner Bros. officially announced they’ll be making a Harry Potter TV series on their streaming service Max, which will span 10 years and multiple seasons. The series will take on every book in the series, meaning just like with the movies, we’ll be seeing a cast of young actors grow up before our eyes as the story unfolds.

It no doubt will be difficult for Warner Bros. to cast the Golden Trio, a.k.a. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, and I have to admit I’m so curious to see who they’ll pick. These roles will catapult them to stardom overnight if they aren’t already famous, and the Wizarding World will forever be a big part of their lives.

While we wait for more news about the Harry Potter series, we’re fan-casting the titular role with potential actors. It’s tough predicting who could play the Boy Who Lived, especially because they’ll have to be pretty young. But here are our picks.

5. Luciano Leroux

If you’ve watched popular shows like Yellowjackets and A Million Little Things, you probably recognize Luciano Leroux. The American-Canadian actor made his TV debut in 2019 with the series Get Shorty and has since played Javi Martinez in Yellowjackets, Miles in A Million Little Things, and had a role in an episode of 50 States of Fright.

When thinking of young actors with a lot of potential, my mind immediately went to Leroux. He brings a ton of emotion and complexity to his character in Yellowjackets that could easily be applied to the Harry Potter role. At 15 years old, he’s a bit on the older side of potential options, but actors always play characters younger than they are!