10 best anime theme songs, ranked

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc | Photo Courtesy: Funimation
Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc | Photo Courtesy: Funimation /
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Demon Slayer, anime
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Anime has gifted us with plenty of memorable theme songs, but which ones stand out as the absolute best?

Music is something that can be incredibly personal. Some can’t stand music, while others live by it. Anime theme songs are no exceptions – there are some theme songs that are just so good, they become classic staples in the anime community.

Out of all the anime I’ve watched in my [REDACTED] years of life, ten songs have stuck with me to the point my children can sing them. (Yes, the Japanese bits as well. Oh yes, it’s adorable.) Here they are, ranked by how much they make me stop what I’m doing and rock out.

Best anime theme songs, ranked

10. Cardcaptor Sakura – “Catch You Catch Me” by GUMI

I’m sorry, but if you’re listening to this and not wiggling in your seat like a little diva, you are lying.

This song unleashes the girly and carefree in anyone with its cute little dings, beats, and very high-pitched vocals. It reminds me of when I was 10 and obsessed with the show, and had actually come up with a choreography for this theme song. No, there’s no video of it.