Arrow: Every character ranked from worst to best

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Arrow -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW /
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21. Moira Queen

Moira Queen has had an epic journey on Arrow. Not only has she redeemed herself over the course of the series, but much of what she has done has been because she is a mother. Whether she is doing things to protect Oliver or Thea, she is always thinking of her children in some way.

It was because of her love for her children that she was willing to admit that she was wrong for things that she did in the past. And of course, this redemption arc is one that allowed her to not only remain another one of the more grounded characters in the series but also led to her becoming mayor.

Much of what Moira did was based on her own hurt and pain. She dealt with the loss of a child, having to lead powerful families, and basically being a strong woman in a sea of men. And while she may not have always been at the heart of Arrow, her presence has been vital to the series in order to help the show grow and also the characters.

Susanna Thompson, who plays Moira Queen, brings a strength and presence to the screen every time she appears and that makes her an asset to the series in every way. She may not be an actual member of Team Arrow, but she definitely helped shape some of the people who are part of the team, and that makes a big difference.