Arrow: Every character ranked from worst to best

Arrow -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW
Arrow -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW /
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Arrow — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW /

9. Sara Lance

When we first meet Sara Lance, there is no indication that she is going to become one of the fiercest warriors in the entire Arrowverse. Not only has she died on Arrow, but she has come back as someone who has helped other characters achieve their own destinies.

Sara has returned from the dead not once, but twice. She has been a part of the drama that has left Quentin Lance turning to alcohol (even when that wasn’t really her fault), and she has been there for her sister when she could.

While Sara Lance may have started off as more of a device she became an integral part of so many stories that when it came time for her to move over to a new series, it was done in a way that she became the leader of her own group of heroes.

The fact that she was at one point just the woman who was sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend, only to transform into the White Canary, a gritty hero with her own darkness, means that this is a character who will forever be one of the more influential characters on the series.

She then went on to be the lead hero of her own series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, for seven seasons, and even though that will probably be what the character is most known for, we’ll never forget her time on Arrow.