X-Men: The Quiet Council of Krakoa gets a new vampiric member

Fans cosplay as Beast ans Professor Xavier from X-Men (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
Fans cosplay as Beast ans Professor Xavier from X-Men (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /

One of the X-Men’s most dangerous villains is joining the Quiet Council of Krakoa. Will the fact that she gets a vote to speed up the demise of Krakoa?

Marvel Comics is marching closer to the X-Men event Fall of X. A series that will influence the universe, will Krakoa continue to be an island nation or will something happen to destroy their utopia? Is Moira going to somehow regain her powers and change reality back to pre-Krakoa?

What were the major moments that officially led to the mutants’ downfall? There have been a plethora of instances that could lead to the latter. Among them is Selene becoming the newest member of the Quiet Council of Krakoa.

Back in Immortal X-Men No. 1, Selene put her bid in to be the newest member of the Quiet Council of Krakoa. She was denied and Hope Summers took the spot she wanted. Shocking to no one, Selene didn’t take it well. This led to Hope killing Selene before she could do irreparable damage to Krakoa and all of the mutants (Immortal X-Men No. 2). This should have prevented her from ever becoming a member of the Quiet Council. However, thanks to Colossus’ and Sebastian Shaw’s underhanded moves, Selene gets the vote needed to join the Quiet Council.

Normally, this wouldn’t happen. Colossus is a man of high moral fiber and would never allow Selene to have a vote that affects mutant lives. Unfortunately, he’s being controlled by his brother, Mikhail Rasputin. Hopefully the end of X-Force: The Ghost Calendars will conclude with Colossus going back to normal.

There aren’t many righteous mutants left on the Quiet Council. Nightcrawler’s gone, Storm’s attention is focused more on Arrako (check out X-Men Red No. 11 for more on that), and Emma Frost could return to evil ways. It won’t be shocking when Kate Pryde eventually leaves, especially since she’s joining the X-Men after the 2023 Hellfire Gala. Although, she may stick around since she’s one of the few remaining Council members without selfish intentions. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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