Disney Plus axes the first two Marvel original shows from its library

UKRAINE - 2021/08/31: In this photo illustration a Marvel logo is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
UKRAINE - 2021/08/31: In this photo illustration a Marvel logo is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Disney Plus has removed the very first Marvel shows from its content library as part of its purge on content.

Disney Plus has joined the list of streaming services to remove original content from its library, following in the footsteps of HBO Max, now named Max, which began the trend last year. According to Disney itself, the removals are part of a “strategic change”.

It has all left fans somewhat concerned about what kind of content will be removed from the library, and if they are about to lose access to their favorite show or movie. Among the most notorious removals was Disney Plus original Willow. However, it turns out that not even Marvel originals are safe from the purge.

While Hulu’s series Runaways was also among the most infamous removals, the two first ever Marvel originals to stream on the service have also been pulled from the service.

Disney Plus removes two original Marvel shows

As reported by The Direct, Marvel’s two first Disney Plus original shows, Marvel’s Hero Project and Marvel’s 616 have been removed from the streamer’s content library.

Hero Project debuted on the day of the streamer’s inception. Running for 20 episodes, the documentary series explored young heroes inspiring positive change in their communities through incredible acts of bravery or kindness. Those young heroes got their own Marvel Comics as a result.

Marvel’s 616 was named after the fictional earth on which the comic book events take place (Earth-616) and it focused on various aspects of the universe, spotlighting some unknown facts. It featured eight episodes, which all debuted on November 20, 2020. There was potential for a second season but it never materialized before the show was pulled from the streamer.

Are any other Marvel shows in danger of being removed from Disney Plus?

Given how successful Marvel original shows have become on Disney Plus, it’s a shame that these projects were among the titles removed by the streamer – especially since they were the very first Marvel originals on the service.

Of course, Marvel shows became a fixture of Disney Plus with the premiere of the MCU-set WandaVision, as it led to the arrival of a lot more MCU shows on the service, which expanded on the world built up in the movies and kicked off a new era for Phase Four.

It’s unlikely that the likes of WandaVision, LokiHawkeyeThe Falcon and the Winter SoldierWhat If…?, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law or any of the other Marvel Studios-produced shows would be removed as the MCU projects have been among Disney Plus’ most successful original series. They have added to the overarching story that the MCU was telling and are important chapters in that story.

Given how popular the MCU franchise is as a whole, and the fact that there are more originals like Secret InvasionEchoAgatha: Coven of ChaosLoki season 2, What If…? season 2, Ironheart and Daredevil: Born Again on the horizon, this franchise of fictional shows will likely remain very safe going forward.

Nevertheless, Hero Project616, and Runaways were still surprising removals because they are Marvel originals.

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Were you shocked to hear that Disney Plus removed these two shows? Were you watching anything that was affected by the content purge?