WWE: Every Undertaker vs. Batista match ranked from worst to best

The Undertaker and Batista on WWE Raw (Courtesy of WWE.com)
The Undertaker and Batista on WWE Raw (Courtesy of WWE.com) /
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The Undertaker, Batista, WWE
The Undertaker vs. Batista at WWE WrestleMania 23. (Courtesy of WWE.com) /

The Undertaker and Batista wrestled some absolute bangers during their rivalries in WWE, but which of their showdowns were the best of the best?

Few WWE rivalries caught us off-guard quite like The Undertaker and Batista’s in 2007. The former had just won the Royal Rumble after experiencing an in-ring resurgence unlike anything we had ever seen before, so there wasn’t as much excitement about him squaring off with a fellow powerhouse at the Showcase of the Immortals. And yet, they delivered; no, they overdelivered.

The Phenom and The Animal wrestled the match of the year with their World Heavyweight Championship clash at WrestleMania, but they didn’t stop there as they delivered four more scintillating showdowns throughout the remainder of the year that highlighted the immense – and unexpected – in-ring chemistry between them.

There was just something unexpected about their matches that, in spite of their knack for delivering, surprised audiences. They worked far better together than so many of us expected and always found a way to leave it all in the ring when the bell rang. Some of those matches were better than others, but all of them excelled in what they were supposed to do.

Speaking of which, let’s take some time to revisit these classics and rank all of their showdowns from worst to best.