Will Doom Patrol air a new bonus episode tonight? (November 16, 2023)

Will there be a new episode of Doom Patrol tonight on Max? Is there going to be a follow-up season?

Last week’s episode was a major milestone for Doom Patrol as it concluded its fourth season in memorable fashion. If you expected an epic battle where the team would win like every other superhero team, then you haven’t been watching this show. As Larry pointed out, Immortus stopped the zombie butt apocalypse. Nevertheless, the villain was vanquished, and the team got their longevity back.

The show has been streaming new episodes of the second half if its fourth season over the past number of weeks, but can fans expect to see a new one on Max tonight?

Is Doom Patrol new this week?

Unfortunately, this is the end of Doom Patrol. Last week’s episode wasn’t just the season 4 finale, it was the series finale. After four seasons and a lot of weirdness, the DC Comics show has ended. So there won’t be any more new episodes streaming on Max. That’s why it all felt very final for the outlandish team of superheroes.

Yes, it might have felt premature to end the show after just four seasons, and you might find yourself hoping for another channel to pick the project up. However, that’s not likely.

Warner Bros is moving in a new direction with the DC Universe, ending almost all of the DC projects in production and starting again with a single shared universe across film and television. Meanwhile, The CW, which housed all other DC programming, is also moving in a new direction, focusing more on sports like NXT. For example, Superman and Lois is the last remaining part of the CW’s Arrowverse and it too will end next year. The only things comic book fans can look forward to are the animated projects and DC movies after they’re released on Max.

The final episode of Doom Patrol is as emotional as you’d expect. Each of the characters got something that they wanted. Even Rita after death. She realized that she didn’t get the life she wanted, but the one she needed. Her scene in the afterlife was beautiful and deserved.

This writer won’t get into what happened to the rest of the cast because it’s worth watching. Just be prepared. The series finale will bring out tears of joy and sadness. Especially the last couple of minutes. Overall, this was one of the best series finales of all time. It perfectly ended comic book’s most underrated TV series.

Did you enjoy Doom Patrol? Would you have liked to see it continue?