Invincible season 2: Every key difference from the comic and the TV show (S2E2)

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Invincible – Episode 101 – “It’s About Time” –Pictured: Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson) — Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Season 2, episode 1 of Invincible on Amazon Prime changed things from the source material, but were they the right moves for the show?

Amazon Prime Video’s Invincible keeps producing amazing episodes. Part of what makes the show great are the way they alter certain moments from the source material. We saw that in the premiere, and now we’re seeing it again in the second episode.

Sometimes the moments are small and don’t mean much. For example, Invincible meeting the new Darkwing was changed a bit. The changes were so small, and things ended up the way like the comics anyway. However, these 5 moments were crucial to the story.


5. Even didn’t help fixing the disaster

In the Invincible comics, Eve went to Africa right after she graduated high school. In the show, Eve stayed around to fix buildings Omni-Man destroyed. Because of Nolan’s attack, Eve’s father is working at Burger Mart to make ends meet. When she offered to help him, he stubbornly declined and even threw away the food she made. This wasn’t a necessary change, but a nice, nonetheless. It helps build the disdain between Eve and her parents. Something that wasn’t seen much in the comics.

Eve finding out that the park and building she made hurt people, she left her parent’s house and crushed her. This combined with how her father treats her will probably force her to leave the country to get better at using her powers.

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