All 11 animated Batman TV shows ranked from worst to best

Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros.
Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros. /
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1. Batman: The Animated Series

As soon as you found your way onto this list, you probably knew exactly which of the shows on it would be in the top spot. Batman: The Animated Series is the Dark Knight’s greatest animated offering. Heck, some might even say it’s his greatest offering in any medium, and I certainly wouldn’t argue with that, because the show’s legacy speaks for itself.

Debuting back in 1992, the series was created and developed by Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski, Paul Dini, and Mitch Brian. It was inspired by the success of Tim Burton’s Batman movies but it very quickly found its own identity. With a unique art deco design, the most compelling and mature writing you’ll see in any Batman story ever, and an incredible career-defining performance from Kevin Conroy at the heart of it, the show was a resounding success.

Its impact continues to be felt today, as it gifted us with many of the characters and aspects of the Batman lore that are still prominent in other mediums, such as the creation of Harley Quinn (and her relationship with Poison Ivy) and Mr. Freeze’s tragic backstory, which was brought to life beautifully in the Emmy Award-winning episode “Heart of Ice”.

This show might be the most pivotal piece in Batman’s long, rich, and complex history – and deservedly so.

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