All 11 animated Batman TV shows ranked from worst to best

Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros.
Batman: Caped Crusader. Image courtesy HBO Max, Warner Bros. /
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2. The New Batman Adventures

Two years after Batman: The Animated Series concluded, the show was resurrected for another season – but with a twist. It underwent a revamp so that the character designs were more in-line with those of Superman: The Animated Series (the two were airing together and occasionally crossed over), resulting in sharper looks all around.

It’s important to note that this revamp was only visual, as the high standard of writing from the original animated series remained. In many ways, the designs assisted with the storytelling as some time had passed since the events of its predecessor. This also allowed for more mature storylines, with the show dramatizing the tension between Batman and longtime Robin (Dick Grayson) before their eventual split as partners.

The revival season didn’t get as long to find its footing as its more famous predecessor but it didn’t really need the time to thrive, as it hit the ground running with a sequence of fantastic episodes, particularly “Holiday Knights” and “Sins of the Father”. From the introduction of a new Robin in Tim Drake, to the full-time addition of Batgirl to the show’s core team of heroes, The New Batman Adventures was a worthy successor to the original animated series and a damn fine show of its own, too.