10 most disliked Smallville characters, ranked

We met many characters throughout Smallville's decade-long run, but who were the ones that the fans just didn't like (or loved to hate)?
Smallville: The Complete Series. © 2021 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Smallville: The Complete Series. © 2021 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment /
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Smallville was a huge part of the huge surge in superhero content on TV over the course of the past decade. It flew the flag for the genre at a time when there weren't many costumed crime-fighters on television, and it worked because it did so under the guise of a teen drama. Eventually, it evolved into a more straightforward superhero show (without a lot of tights and flights, that is), paving the way for The CW's Arrowverse and an abundance of other superhero shows to follow.

A Superman prequel, Smallville told the story of Clark Kent's younger days, showcasing his adventures (and misadventures) at Smallville High. From there, he learned more about his home planet, grew into the town's great protector and began to forge a legacy that would lead to him becoming the world's greatest superhero.

Throughout the course of Smallville's 10-season run, we met a lot characters. Many were pivotal to Clark's story, some were iconic DC characters, and others were just plain unnecessary to the story. But all of them made an impact on the viewers.

Taking that into account, let's look back at the decade of Smallville and discuss some of the show's most disliked characters. Some were supposed to be hated, as the writers did a wonderful job of crafting some odious villains, but others were unintentionally despised by viewers.

But who were the most disliked of all?