Star Wars: 10 most disliked storylines, ranked

Despite differences of opinions, there are some subplots and "creative choices," that unite Star Wars fans in a collective facepalm. Let's talk about them.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker lightsaber duels Darth Vader. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker lightsaber duels Darth Vader. Image Credit: /
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4. The love story of Anakin and Padmé (Attack of the Clones)

Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader, and Padmé Amidala, the queen-turned-senator, floating through a field of flowers. Sounds romantic, right? Meh.

Their love story in Attack of the Clones turned out to be more cringe-worthy than a love-struck teenager's first poem. The problem wasn't just the awkward frolicking or Anakin's incessant complaints about sand - which was coarse, rough, and irritating, just like his flirting techniques. The dialogue between the two felt like it was written by a protocol droid trying to understand human emotions.

"I don't like sand" has since become infamous, not for its deep emotional resonance, but for how hilariously it misses the mark in creating a romantic atmosphere. It's hard to believe that this whiny, sand-hating teenager is the same person who becomes the fearsome Darth Vader. The force was definitely not strong with this script.

Then there's the chemistry, or rather, the lack thereof. Watching Anakin and Padmé together was like mixing oil and water expecting a love potion but ending up with a science experiment gone wrong. Their interactions were supposed to depict a forbidden love that defied the rules and ignited a galaxy-wide conflict. Instead, it felt like watching two actors who'd just met awkwardly reading their lines, wishing they were anywhere else but in a galaxy far, far away. The romance was central to Anakin's fall to the dark side, setting the stage for the entire original trilogy.

However, instead of a compelling tale of love and loss, we got a storyline that many of us would rather forget, proving that even in a galaxy filled with wonder, love stories can sometimes fall to the dark side themselves.