Star Wars: 10 most disliked storylines, ranked

Despite differences of opinions, there are some subplots and "creative choices," that unite Star Wars fans in a collective facepalm. Let's talk about them.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker lightsaber duels Darth Vader. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker lightsaber duels Darth Vader. Image Credit: /
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6. The death of Luke Skywalker (The Last Jedi)

Imagine, if you will, the Star Wars saga as a grand pizza, with Luke Skywalker as the most scrumptious topping of them all. We fans have been savoring this slice of the universe since 1977, watching Luke grow from a wide-eyed farm boy to a Jedi Master cooler than the dark side of Hoth.

So, when The Last Jedi rolled around, everyone was itching to see Luke back in action, lightsaber in hand, ready to show the new baddies what's what. Instead, what we got was a bit like expecting a pepperoni pizza and getting one topped with sardines. Luke, our hero, was now a grumpy hermit who'd swapped saving the galaxy for sulking on a remote island, drinking weird alien milk. It was a curveball that left a lot of us confused and feeling misled, wondering where the Luke we knew and loved had vanished to.

Then came the shocker - the way Luke Skywalker checked out of the Star Wars hotel.

Instead of going out in a blaze of glory, battling it out lightsaber to lightsaber, Luke decides to go the hologram route, projecting himself across the galaxy for a final standoff, only to become one with the Force from exertion. This left us fans feeling like we'd just watched a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat, only to find out the rabbit was actually a stuffed toy. The anticlimactic farewell to one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history felt like a missed opportunity to give Luke a send-off worthy of his legend. We weren't just upset; we were flabbergasted, as if someone had told us the Millennium Falcon was actually a slowpoke in the space race.

Luke's departure was meant to be a monumental moment, but for many, it felt like their hero had been given the space equivalent of a retirement party, complete with a gold watch and a pat on the back, rather than the epic exit they had envisioned.