Star Wars: 10 most disliked storylines, ranked

Despite differences of opinions, there are some subplots and "creative choices," that unite Star Wars fans in a collective facepalm. Let's talk about them.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker lightsaber duels Darth Vader. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker lightsaber duels Darth Vader. Image Credit: /
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7. Canto Bight sequence (The Last Jedi)

Pretend you're on a thrilling space adventure, zipping through the galaxy, lightsabers flashing when, suddenly, you're taken on a detour to Space Las Vegas - without the fun of winning big.

That's the Canto Bight sequence from The Last Jedi for you. Finn and Rose's escapade to this glitzy casino city promised intrigue and action but ended up feeling like a side quest in a video game you play while procrastinating on the main mission (I haven't finished Baldur's Gate 3 yet). Some of us were slightly put off by it, wondering how this intergalactic casino run turned into a moral lecture about war profiteering and animal rights. It's not that these aren't important issues, but in the middle of a fast-paced saga about good versus evil, it felt like pausing an epic lightsaber duel to debate the ethics of gambling.

This subplot sticks out like a sore thumb, not because it's inherently bad, but because it seems to forget its home address is in the Star Wars universe.

While Finn and Rose are off chasing space horses and lecturing us on the socioeconomic disparities of the galaxy, the main storyline seemed to pause, tapping its foot impatiently like Sonic the Hedgehog waiting for you to take him through the level, waiting for them to return with something - anything - of value to the resistance's fight against the First Order.

Spoiler alert: they don't. The mission fails, making the whole excursion seem like a big, shiny distraction. Fans were left feeling as if they'd been promised a thrilling rollercoaster ride only to be given a lecture on the importance of seat belts. It's a bit like being handed a lightsaber to slice through the dark side, only to use it to open a can of space beans.