10 of the best besties in pop culture (and an honorable mention)

Here's to every bestie duo, trio, or group out there. Keep empowering and cheering for each other - the world is made better by all of your powers combined.

Photo: Batman and Robin / Warner Bros. Studios, Image Courtesy Fathom Events Press (Batman 80th Anniversary)
Photo: Batman and Robin / Warner Bros. Studios, Image Courtesy Fathom Events Press (Batman 80th Anniversary) /
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When we dive into the world of pop culture to find the coolest crews and dynamic duos, we're not just talking about any old friendships.

We're on a mission to uncover those legendary pairs and groups from movies, TV shows, books, and video games, that show us what being a true friend really means. These aren't just any buddies - they're the ones who stick together through thick and thin, facing dragons, solving mysteries, and sometimes, even saving the world together. They're the ones who make us laugh, sometimes cry, and always remind us why having a bestie is the best thing ever.

They could be a detective with a hat and a magnifying glass, and his trusty doctor friend who's always a bit bewildered. Or maybe think of a trio of wizards battling dark forces with spells, bravery, and brainpower. These besties aren't just hanging out - they're on epic adventures, showing off their loyalty and courage, and proving that together, they can face anything. From fighting crime in dark alleys while wearing capes to crossing the vast lands of fantasy worlds, these friendships are the ones that stay with us, making us wish we could join in on their adventures.

Let us look at and celebrate some of these iconic friendships that have given us so much joy, inspiration, and a few friendship goals along the way. Whether they're animated toys teaching us about acceptance, a couple of kids from a magical world showing the power of loyalty, or just two pals cracking jokes in an apartment in New York, these are the besties that have made pop culture a whole lot more fun.

They remind us that no matter the challenge, having a friend by your side makes the journey a thousand times better. Oh, and then there's a bonus duo you really won't want to miss.

Shall we?