10 Star Wars actors who have appeared in the most Star Wars movies

Star Wars has produced 12 movies and a lot of return performers and characters. Here are the nine with the most roles. 

Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com
Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com /

It’s hard to believe that the Star Wars franchise has only been around for just under fifty years (debuting in 1977). With the number of projects produced under their umbrella, you’d assume they were around longer. Nevertheless, the franchise continues to make video games, TV shows, and movies.

Throughout decades, performers have come and gone. A lot of new actors, singers, and more grew up watching the movies. It’s considered an honor to be cast in something that molded them in their earlier years. Of course, there are the ones who have been around since the beginning and continue to appear.

This article will highlight the cast members who've appeared in most Star Wars movies. A plethora of actors and actresses have been in three. For example, Natalie Portman (Padmé Amidala) and David Prowse (played Darth Vader in the suit) are both featured in three films. You also have Denis Lawson (Wedge/Red Two) and Hayden Christensen (Anniken) who were in four. The following are the ones who were in five or more.

Writer's note: This list will not include specials like the Star Wars Holiday Special, Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out, or Robot Chicken.

Harrison Ford and Peter Mayhew: Five movies

The actors with five movie features are among the best of the best. First, there’s Harrison Ford who played Han Solo. He’s a top three or five Star Wars character who was the epitome of cool. People may still believe he is. Fittingly, his partner in crime Chewbacca (played by Peter Mayhew) also popped up in five movies. It’s fitting that they appeared in the same amount of movies. They were pilot and co-pilot.

Ewan McGregor: Five movies

Next up is Ewan McGregor. His Star Wars first role as Obi-Wan Kenobi was in Phantom Menace. He continued to finish the trilogy and be the best actor in Star Wars: Episodes 1-3. His IMDb page has him credited as voicing Obi-Wan Kenobi in Rise of Skywalker and The Force Awakens. Don’t be shocked when that number increases in the next ten years. 

James Earl Jones: Five movies

Last in this club is James Earl Jones who voiced Darth Vader. As far as villains go, he’s one of the greatest. For decades, he was the embodiment of evil. And, to this day, when people read Darth Vader in comics or books, it sounds like James Earl Jones. That shows that after he’s long gone, he’ll be the voice of Darth Vader.

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher: Six movies

This section has all of the performers that helped define the series. The first people mentioned are usually Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher who played Luke and Leia. In many ways, they were Star Wars. Both of them were heroes who weren't like the protagonists of their time.

Kenny Baker: Six movies

It takes a special kind of character to be popular without saying a word. In this case, that’s R2-D2. In each of his six movies, Kenny Baker operated the robot. He was also an Ewok named Paploo in Return of the Jedi. 

Ian McDiarmid: Six movies

Anakin Skywalker wasn't always evil. All of the darkness in Vader can be attributed to his master, Emperor Palpatine. In six films, Ian McDiarmid played the man who showed Vader everything about the Dark Side.

Frank Oz: Seven movies

Frank Oz was more than the iconic voice of Yoda. He did double duty. While fans listened to his sometimes backward talking, Oz was also the puppeteer behind the Jedi Master. A job that should get more credit than it does. In an age of bad CGI, puppeteers mastered a skill that seems timeless.

Anthony Daniels: Eleven movies

Lastly, we come to my favorite character. The golden, sarcastic, sassy, and fussy, android, C-3PO. Of the 12 movies, Anthony Daniels’ character only missed one (Solo: A Star Wars Story). That’s on top of the six animated features, the Disney Plus shows, and much more. When it’s all said and done, Anthony Daniels may be the MVP of the Star Wars franchise.

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