11 coolest redheads in pop culture

Let's take a look at 11 iconic and classic redheads we've all loved an enjoyed in pop-culture.


Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen)

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The Little Mermaid Sing-Along
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1. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel, the mermaid with hair as red as the sea corals and a voice that could enchant even the saltiest of sea dogs.

This underwater princess swam her way into our hearts back in 1989 and has been making waves ever since. Ariel's adventurous spirit is like a beacon of light in the murky waters of "do as you're told." She's not content just sitting on her royal seashell - Ariel wants to explore, to learn, and to live among the humans she's so fascinated by. This curiosity and bravery make her relatable to anyone who's ever dreamt of a world beyond their own. Plus, let's not forget her sacrifice – giving up her voice for legs? That's a commitment to a dream, folks, and a powerful message about following your heart, no matter the cost.

But Ariel's appeal isn't just about her daring deeds and fabulous fins. It's that red hair, combined with her infectious optimism and unwavering determination, that sets her apart. In a sea of animated characters, Ariel shines brighter than a lighthouse on a stormy night. She's inspired countless Halloween costumes, theme parties, and even encouraged some of us to belt out "Part of Your World" in the shower (admit it, you've done it too - while brushing your hair with a fork). Ariel's influence swims far beyond the confines of her ocean kingdom, making her not just a princess but a cultural icon whose story of love, adventure, and self-discovery is as timeless as the tides.

So here's to Ariel, the redhead who taught us that life is an adventure worth diving into, headfirst and hair-flipping fabulous.

2. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter series)

Ron Weasley, the king of relatable mess-ups and accidental wizarding wonders.

Regardless of how you feel about the absolutely horrible being who penned one of the adventures that shaped my generation, who doesn't have a soft spot for Harry Potter's fiercely loyal, sometimes bumbling best mate? Ron's the kind of friend who'd face a nest of Acromantulas or a horde of Death Eaters if it meant helping out his pals. And his knack for comedic timing is as brilliant as his hair is red. From his iconic horrified expressions at nearly everything to his legendary fear of spiders, Ron's the everyman of the wizarding world, proving you don't have to be the Chosen One to be a hero.

But Ron's not just comic relief - he's the heart of the trio. His journey from a young boy overshadowed by his many siblings to a key player in the defeat of the darkest wizard of all time is nothing short of magical. Ron's growth shows us that bravery isn't just about facing your enemies but also about confronting your insecurities and standing tall. Plus, his loyalty? Unmatched. Ron sticks by Harry through thick and thin, even when it's not an easy choice. That kind of ride-or-die friendship is as rare as a flawless game of wizard's chess (which, by the way, Ron's pretty excellent at).

Three cheers to Ron Weasley: the ultimate sidekick, a brave Gryffindor, and the best darn Keeper Gryffindor Quidditch team could ask for.