11 coolest redheads in pop culture

Let's take a look at 11 iconic and classic redheads we've all loved an enjoyed in pop-culture.


Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen)

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9. Misty (Pokémon)

Misty Is a true icon among the sea of redheads in pop culture. Why, you ask? Misty is not just any sidekick – she's a whirlpool of sass, strength, and a bit of sweet vulnerability all mixed into one unforgettable character.

With her trademark side ponytail and a wardrobe that says, "I'm ready for adventure (but make it fashion)," she became an instant hit the moment she zoomed onto our screens on her bike, chasing after Ash for wrecking it.

But it's not just her look or her fiery temper (a redhead stereotype she wears like a badge of honor and makes me feel seen) that made her iconic - it's her deep knowledge and love for water-type Pokémon. Whether she's battling with her trusty Starmie or showing off her softer side with Psyduck, Misty's not just hanging around to play second fiddle. She's breaking waves and taking names, proving that she's as much a part of the Pokémon journey as any gym battle or Team Rocket scheme.

And her dynamic with Ash and Brock? Comedy gold. Whether she's putting Brock's lovestruck heart in check or calling out Ash on his latest harebrained idea, she adds a layer of humor and heart to the trio's travels that's as refreshing as a splash from a Squirtle. Misty's blend of toughness, tenderness, and a dash of tomboy charm has cemented her place in the halls of pop culture as the redhead who could – and did – make a big splash.

Three cheers to Misty, the water-flower of Pokémon, proving time and again that behind every great Trainer, there's a great redhead ready to dive into the next adventure.

10. Tormund Giantsbane (Game of Thrones)

Of course Tormund Giantsbane is on this list.

The wildling warrior with a beard as fiery as his spirit and a heart as big as the giants he claims to have fought, this towering redhead from Game of Thrones is the very definition of iconic and timeless, not just for his unforgettable hair but for his larger-than-life personality. He's the kind of guy who charges into battle with a roar, cracks a joke with a grin as wide as the Wall, and yet, has the capacity for profound loyalty and unexpected tenderness. Tormund's bromance with Jon Snow? Epic. His admiration for Brienne of Tarth? Absolutely adorable.

But why do we love him so? Maybe it's because, in a world as grim and dark as Game of Thrones, Tormund's fiery locks are like a beacon of light – or, more accurately, a flaming torch, ready to burn down anyone who threatens his comrades. He embodies the wildling spirit of freedom and resilience, all while providing some of the best comic relief in the series. Whether he's boasting about his "bear" lady love or chomping down on a hunk of meat, Tormund does it with a style that's all his own.

He stands out not just because of his red hair, but because he's a perfect mix of fierce warrior, loyal friend, and comic genius. He brings warmth (quite literally) to the chilly settings of the North and reminds us that even in the darkest of times, there's room for laughter, bravery, and redheaded awesomeness.

Tormund is a testament to the unforgettable impact a well-crafted character can have on pop culture, proving that a true hero (and legend) comes in many forms – and sometimes, that means in the form of a wildling with a glorious red beard.

11. Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Marvel)

You honestly didn't think I wouldn't include my all-time favorite fellow redheaded twin mama, did you?

Now there's a redhead who's not just playing in the big leagues of pop culture - she's casting spells, bending reality, and breaking hearts with a flick of her wrist. This Marvel maven is the epitome of power, wrapped in a cascade of crimson locks that are as iconic as her story. From comic book panels to the silver screen, Wanda has weaved her way into the fabric of pop culture, becoming a household name for fans worldwide.

Wanda Maximoff is a powerhouse of emotions, strengths, and struggles that resonate with us all.

But it's not just her magical prowess that makes her stand out. It's her journey, her evolution from a misunderstood antagonist to a full-blown superhero, grappling with love, loss, and everything in between. Wanda's story is a rollercoaster of epic proportions, filled with moments that have us cheering, crying, and clutching our seats in suspense. She's the superhero who feels deeply, loves fiercely, and fights with every ounce of her being, making her moments of triumph and tragedy all the more impactful.

She brings a certain flair to the superhero scene. Her signature style, complete with that striking red ensemble, sets her apart in a sea of capes and suits. She's a reminder that power comes in many forms, and sometimes, it's cloaked in the vibrant hue of a redhead determined to forge her path. Wanda's blend of strength, vulnerability, and undeniable cool makes her a timeless icon in pop culture.

Scarlet Witch proves that redheads really do have more fun... and firepower!

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