11 unanswered Once Upon a Time questions we wish the show addressed

From the origins of the storybook to who in the world Lily's father is, these are the lingering mysteries we're still thinking about.

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How does someone actually get magical abilities?

This one is a bit fuzzy depending on the character. For example, Emma has magic because she's born out of True Love. Rumpelstiltskin got his from being the Dark One. However Regina was taught magic by Rumple, and eventually became the Evil Queen. Same thing with Cora. The Dark One taught her how to spin straw into gold and take someone's heart. So some are born with it, but apparently magic can be taught as well. If that's the case, why don't more of the characters ask to learn magic? I guess when you get into the specifics of the rules of magic, you don't want to go too deep into it. But it's something I'm still thinking about.

Why didn’t Emma and Killian ever have a TLK?

So many of the lovely couples on the show got a True Love's Kiss, but one pairing who never did is Captain Swan. Yes, they passed a True Love test in the Underworld and that confirmed they are in fact True Love. It gives them a unique spin on True Love confirmation. We were waiting for that for so long! And while that was great, I still wish Emma and Killian got a True Love's Kiss moment like the other main couples on the fairytale series. And that could have been worked in very easily.