13 trailers we're looking forward to seeing at the Super Bowl

Grab your popcorn and let the trailers roll, because this Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest touchdowns might just happen during the commercial breaks.

af0212_pubstill_01_R – Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.
af0212_pubstill_01_R – Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /

As the Super Bowl LVIII gears up to be an epic showdown on the gridiron, it's not just the clash between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs or Usher's halftime performance that's drawing eyeballs from around the globe.

As it's become the Super Bowl tradition, the commercial breaks throughout the game promise to be just as exciting as they offer a sneak peek into some of the most eagerly awaited cinematic and television adventures set to dazzle audiences in 2024. And there are once again some big ones reportedly planned for this year, with movie fans, TV stans, and comic book lovers all set to get some surprises.

But which ones are most excited for? Well, we're glad you asked! Sit back, relax, and check out our guide of trailers that are expected to air tomorrow during the game.

From action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming animations, let's dive into the 13 movie and TV trailers we can expect to light up this Super Bowl Sunday.

mb0340_pubstill_v0212.1010 – Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Colossus in Twentieth Century Fox’s DEADPOOL 2. Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. /

1. Deadpool 3

Let's kick things off with the one that we're most excited for!

Hold onto your chimichangas, folks, because Deadpool 3 is FINALLY about to crash the Super Bowl party in the most Deadpool way possible. It's been a hot minute since Disney wrapped its arms around Fox, and now, the wait is almost over to see our favorite R-rated superhero shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with the return of Hugh Jackman's iconic Wolverine. Slated for a July 2024 release, Deadpool 3 is gearing up to be the blockbuster hit of the summer. And since we haven't seen so much as a Deadpool-sized sneak peek yet, the anticipation for a Super Bowl trailer skyrockets faster than our favorite merc with a mouth can crack a joke.

With the notorious rep for breaking the fourth wall, it's only natural to expect Ryan Reynolds to bring his A-game with a trailer reveal that's as epic as it is hilariously meta. Imagine the mischief and mayhem Deadpool can bring to one of television's biggest nights. Will he hijack a commercial? Drop in on the commentators? The possibilities are as endless as his wisecracks. If Deadpool has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected - especially when it comes to his grand entrance into the MCU.

2. Kung Fu Panda 4

Kung Fu Panda 4 /

Prepare your chopsticks - Kung Fu Panda 4 is set to kick its way onto the big screen on March 8, making this weekend the perfect playtime for Universal to whet our appetites with an action-packed trailer that'll have us counting down the days.

Po and the gang are back, promising more laughs, more thrills, and more heart than ever before. It's been nearly ten years since we last joined Po on his adventures, making this return a long-awaited feast for the eyes and soul. As it squares off against the colossal Dune Part 2 for box office glory, Kung Fu Panda 4 isn't just tiptoeing back into the spotlight – it's aiming to somersault in with a bang.

Jennafer Newberry as Glinda and Lissa deGuzman as Elphaba in the National Tour of WICKED, photo by Joan Marcus - 0228r
National Touring Company of Wicked, photo provided by Dr. Phillips Center /

3. Wicked: Part One

Whispers and wonders circle around one of the most anticipated musical adaptations of our time: Wicked. With Jon M. Chu at the helm, this journey into the magical land of Oz is slated for a late 2024 release. The question on every musical and pop culture enthusiast's lips is, will we catch a glimpse of the emerald city and its enchanting inhabitants during the big game?

With Ariana Grande casting a spell in one of the lead roles, the appeal to the pop music crowd is undeniable. Could Universal conjure up a sneak peek, offering us a tiny taste of the magic that's brewing? The possibility is as exciting as the anticipation for the first notes of a beloved musical number. So, keep your eyes peeled and your wands ready - we might just be on the brink of something wickedly wonderful.

4. Twisters

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the whirlwind is coming back with a vengeance in July. The skies are darkening, and the winds are picking up speed as Twisters, the long-awaited sequel to the iconic '90s disaster flick Twister, prepares to tear through theaters. This summer blockbuster is gearing up to sweep audiences off their feet, boasting a stellar cast that reads like a who's who of Hollywood's brightest stars. With Glen Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos, and future Superman David Corenswet leading the charge, Twisters is all set to become a cinematic storm of epic proportions.

We did get a teaser trailer a few weeks ago - maybe we'll be treated to a trailer with new footage? It could very well happen!

KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. © 2022 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved. /

5. Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes will be launching in theaters on May 10. Fast forward 300 years past the dramatic events of War for the Planet of the Apes, and we find ourselves in a world where apes reign supreme and human civilization is a distant memory.

This new chapter promises to be a gargantuan hit, potentially climbing to the top of the year's box office success stories. With trailers already teasing us with snippets of this ape-dominated Earth, the anticipation is as high as the tallest skyscraper reclaimed by nature. This would be the perfect nudge for viewers, ensuring that everyone has their calendars marked for an adventure that promises to be both epic and evolutionary.

Could the Super Bowl become the Planet of the Apes' playground with an attention-grabbing trailer? We hope so!

WHO’S THERE? – In Disney and Pixar’s “Inside Out 2,” Joy (voice of Amy Poehler), Sadness (voice of Phyllis Smith), Anger (voice of Lewis Black), Fear (voice of Tony Hale) and Disgust (voice of Liza Lapira) aren’t sure how to feel when Anxiety (voice of Maya Hawke) shows up unexpectedly. Directed by Kelsey Mann and produced by Mark Nielsen, “Inside Out 2” releases only in theaters Summer 2024. © 2023 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved. /

6. Inside Out 2

Because devastating me once wasn't enough, Disney has decided to make Inside Out 2. The sequel to the movie that made so many adults weep promises to take us on another unforgettable journey through the mind and emotions.

As one of Disney's crown jewels set to sparkle in June 2024, the buzz around Inside Out 2 is only going to grow louder and more exciting. Prepare for yet another roller coaster of feelings with a side of emotional damage as Pixar aims to bounce back and captivate hearts once more, proving that when it comes to storytelling, they truly know how to touch the soul.

The Fall Guy one sheet - credit: Universal Pictures /

7. The Fall Guy

Starring the ever-charismatic Ryan Gosling alongside the incredibly talented Emily Blunt, this action-packed extravaganza is directed by the master of thrills, David Leitch (who was temporarily attached to the upcoming seventh Jurassic Park movie). With its trailers already creating waves and anticipation building up, Universal is playing its cards close to the chest.

While they've been coy about their Super Bowl plans, it's hard to imagine they'd let this prime opportunity slip by. Will they tease us with familiar scenes, or will they drop something entirely fresh and jaw-dropping? Either way, with its release just around the corner in May, The Fall Guy is gearing up to be a blockbuster sensation.


8. The Family Stallone

Get ready to step back into the ring, but this time, it's not Rocky's battles we're tuning in for - it's the Stallone family's everyday adventures that are knocking us out. The Family Stallone is making its triumphant return to Paramount+ this February. With Sylvester Stallone, the undisputed champ of the boxing film genre, leading his family through the highs and lows of Hollywood life, this reality TV series is the behind-the-scenes access we've all been dreaming of.

Stallone's status as a sports icon, immortalized by the Rocky franchise, makes this series a heavyweight contender for Super Bowl audiences. Prepare for a heartwarming, and occasionally hilarious, glimpse into the life of one of cinema's most beloved families - it's something you won't want to miss.

Key Set of Images
Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba) in Knuckles, episode 6, season 1, streaming on Paramount+, 2024. Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sega/Paramount+. /

9. Knuckles

Cutting through the galaxy of stars, Knuckles, the best character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, the red echidna with attitude to spare, could be stealing the spotlight. After his knockout performance in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the ever-so-talented Idris Elba is back to lend his voice to the beloved character in the all-new spin-off TV series Knuckles.

So don't be surprised if this Super Bowl Sunday, as you sit back and enjoy the clash of titans on the field, Paramount+ decides to serve up a spectacle that could well and truly knock your socks off. Knuckles is in town, and he's here to show that when it comes to Super Bowl surprises, he's playing in a league of his own.

602 - Mo Douda, Mo Problems
(L-R): Curtiss Cook as Douda and Ahmad Ferguson as Bakari in THE CHI, "MoÕ Douda, MoÕ Problems". Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME. /

10. The Chi

The Chi is a drama that's captured hearts and acclaim over six spellbinding seasons. It premiered back in 2018 and it's still going strong, picking up more love as it goes on. It'd be wise to keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek into its new season as it gears up to enchant us once more. With Showtime and Paramount+ joining forces, they're set to bring the best of original, prestigious television right to our screens, so there is a strong possibility that we will see a promo for the show's next season.

Whether you've been following every twist and turn, or you're new to the journey, this Super Bowl ad would be perfect to hype everyone up for one of television's finest. Dive into the lives, loves, and challenges of The Chi's unforgettable characters, and find out why this series has become a beloved staple of storytelling excellence.

Cailey Fleming and BLUE star in Paramount Pictures' "IF."
Cailey Fleming and BLUE star in Paramount Pictures' "IF." /

11. IF

This cinematic gem, co-starring the man, the myth, the legend, Ryan Reynolds, is gearing up to be the talk of the town this May. IF promises a unique blend of charm and wit that could very well steal the spotlight. Randall Park pretends to be John Krasinski in a hilarious behind-the-scenes spoof that's nothing short of genius and a nice nod to that iconic moment from The Office season 9 when Park's character hilariously impersonates Krasinski's Jim.

In IF, the lines between the fantastical and the everyday blur in the most enchanting way. Whether you're young, old, or somewhere in between, this trailer is a universal invitation to dive headfirst into an adventure that promises laughter, nostalgia, and that unique Krasinski-Reynolds magic.

A Quiet Place: Day One
Lupita Nyong’o as “Samira” and Djimon Hounsou as “Henri” in A Quiet Place: Day One from Paramount Pictures. - credit: © 2023 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. /

12. A Quiet Place: Day One

Dive back into silence with A Quiet Place: Day One, an exciting expansion of John Krasinski's beloved horror franchise. Set in a post-apocalyptic world that's as silent as the grave, this prequel introduces us to a brand-new ensemble of characters braving the eerie quiet to survive.

If the whispers on the wind are anything to go by, the trailer promises a film that's more heart-pounding and grandiose than its forebears. How do we know that? Well, because it was already released online for fans around the world to watch. The thing is that it will air on out TV screens during the Super Bowl, which will no doubt increase views massively, increasing excitement at the same time.

Bob Marley: One Love
Kinglsey Ben-Adir as “Bob Marley” in Bob Marley: One Love from Paramount Pictures. /

13. Bob Marley: One Love

Starring Secret Invasion and Barbie's immensely talented Kingsley Ben-Adir as the legendary Bob Marley, and under the visionary direction of Reinaldo Marcus Green, this movie is gearing up to be a heartfelt homage to the music icon's life and legacy.

With trailers captivating audiences on both the big and small screen for some months now, expect Paramount to produce one last look at the film in the form of a Super Bowl ad. The studio is pulling out all the stops in showcasing this cinematic tribute, so it is quite possible that we could potentially see some promotional marketing for One Love this Sunday.

There would be no bigger star to spotlight during the Super Bowl than Bob Marley.

With such a diverse lineup, Super Bowl LVIII is set to be a feast for the senses, offering something for everyone - from the hardcore cinephile to the casual movie-goer. So make sure you have your popcorn and let the trailers roll, because this Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest touchdowns might just happen during the commercial breaks.

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Are you looking forward to the Super Bowl LVIII? Which trailers will you be looking out for during the game?