13 Outlander couples ranked from worst to best

Of course Claire and Jamie are the heart of Outlander, but the series does have other romances worth swooning over. And some that aren't.

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Outlander is one of the most popular shows around right now, and it definitely deserves all the praise it gets! It's such a unique series that brings a fresh story to us every season. It never feels repetitive or boring. There's many wonderful elements to it like the historical setting, political intrigue, and of course the romances!

Shippers and lovers of love just can't help rooting for some of the wonderful couples on the series. Of course Jamie and Claire are the ultimate OTP. Though Outlander has given us some other wonderful romances, and some that have not been so great. And so, we've ranked 13 Outlander couples from worst to best below!

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Jamie and Laoghaire

Honestly, do we really need an explanation for this one? I think if you talk to any Outlander fan, you won't find one who actually likes Laoghaire. Look, she's been through some tough times. She's been married twice (before Jamie), and her second husband, Simon MacKimmie, was abusive. I get it. But she was acting like a child and very petty even before. She wanted Jamie, was very jealous of Claire, and never got over "losing" him. This "relationship" was just all sorts of wrong from the beginning. Jamie was an eager young lad when he was fooling around with her at the start of the show. But I still cannot fathom how in the world these two married each other. Laoghaire is a toxic and annoying character. Definitely the worst couple in my books.

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Dougal and Geillis

If there's one word to describe this duo, it's chaotic. The two passionate Scots were made for each other, loving Scotland to a point that was just a little too patriotic. But it's funny to say how this relationship brought about problems and was chaotic when Dougal and Geillis never actually share a scene together except for one. At Castle Leoch, Geillis' husband Arthur collapses and dies, and we find out she poisoned him to be with Dougal as she was pregnant with his child. So yeah. They were all sorts of wrong. Poisoning people, cheating on their spouses, and overall just being a bit crazy.