25 Star Wars and Marvel characters responsible for making Disney+ a success

There are the top 25 most important characters to Disney Plus. They're the reason people sign up for the service and keep their subscription going.

Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com
Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com /
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5. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Actors: Alec Guinness, Ewan McGregor

"You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the force... not leave it in darkness!" -Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan will always be one of the most important characters in the Star Wars lore (at least as far as the movie and show cannon are concerned). First, he was instrumental in creating Darth Vader. He was the one who helped teach a young Anakin Skywalker to use The Force. And while it wasn’t his fault, he created Darth Vader as well (he did have the high ground). In Star Wars: A New Hope, Obi-Wan brings Luke into the fold. Both moments are crucial to everything related to Star Wars.

That was just the beginning of his story. In between the two films (in terms of the timeline) came his self-titled show, Obi-Wan Kenobi. This answered questions fans may have had. That’s a lot of questions considering how long Obi-Wan was gone. Again, another genius move by Disney. Not just telling the story, but bringing Ewan McGregor back.

There isn’t a better actor in the Star Wars franchise than Ewan McGregor. Every dramatic scene he’s in is perfection. Especially when he’s in front of his former pupil. He brings all the emotions of a person in his position. He’s been by Anakin/Vader's side for over a decade. Only a master of the performing arts could continuously pull this off at that high of a level.