25 Star Wars and Marvel characters responsible for making Disney+ a success

There are the top 25 most important characters to Disney Plus. They're the reason people sign up for the service and keep their subscription going.
Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com
Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com /
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22. Rey Skywalker

Actress: Daisy Ridley

"Inside me, that same force." -Rey Skywalker

Every franchise has its share of toxic fans. It’s unfortunate, but unavoidable. Star Wars is among the worst. If you don’t give them exactly what they want, they'll deem the project a failure. Even if the majority of people enjoyed it and the project made double its money.

No one has been judged harsher than Rey. Rey trained without complaining to be the best and that wasn’t enough. She saved the universe from the most evil being in the galaxy and she still wasn’t worthy of the Skywalker name to many. The funny thing is Rey was tougher than Luke ever was in the movies. Unlike Luke, she killed the antagonist (Emperor Palpatine).

In an era where going to theaters is an expensive event, it’s become normal to wait for a digital release. It’s smarter to wait an extra month for the Disney Plus release. Because of the criticism, Rey received, fans are more likely to do that. There's no point in spending money on a movie you're unsure of.

The same people who condemned Rey and said she ruined Star Wars drove people to Disney Plus to see her. In a lot of ways, they’re to blame for her being important to the platform. It’s quite comical.