25 Star Wars and Marvel characters responsible for making Disney+ a success

There are the top 25 most important characters to Disney Plus. They're the reason people sign up for the service and keep their subscription going.

Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com
Darth Vader image courtesy of Starwars.com /
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17. Thor

Actor: Chris Hemsworth

"You seek love. It's all any of us want." -Thor

Thor couldn't have the same impact as Captain America: The First Avenger and Iron Man. It was a nice introduction to the character, but it lacked Thunder God powers. Sure, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark weren't always their alter egos. The difference is Thor is always the God of Thunder. It’s not like the movie was going to waste time with him being Donald Blake. Nevertheless, Thor was still entertaining.

Thor: The Dark World suffered from too much Jane Foster. As great as Natalie Portman is, people didn’t tune in to see her. Most people enjoyed or detested Love and Thunder. There was no in-between. Then, there’s the greatest of them all, Ragnarok. It's a movie that’s among the best in the MCU.

You’re wondering why Thor is high on this list if his movies weren’t great, it's because no matter how bad a project is, Chris Hemsworth always shines. In the first Thor, he was amazing without his hammer. The sequel proved that he could take a step back and still shine. Ragnorok showed a goofier side of the Odinson. That role may have helped Chris Hemsworth become more sought-after in Hollywood. This is all on top of his brilliance in the Avengers movies. All of this shows the major replay value of Thor on Disney Plus.