5 anime that probably won't return in 2024

Attack on Titan is just one of the many anime we most likely won't see in the new year. Here are the 5 anime you definitely shouldn't hold your breath for in 2024!
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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (L to R) Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona /
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4. Tomo-Chan is a Girl!

What a dream it would be if all of our favorite shojo anime returned for a second season. However, usually, most shojo anime run out of luck in the renewal department for one reason or another. Tomo-chan is a Girl is one of those shojo anime, as it is likely to not get a new season in 2024.

This anime tells the story of Tomo, a tomboyish girl who has a huge crush on her childhood friend, Junichiro. The problem is Junichiro doesn't necessarily see Tomo as a girl, often treating her like she's one of his rough-housing friends or as a brother. Tomo and her friends wish to change this dynamic, hoping to finally push Tomo to confess her feelings, while also pushing Junichiro from closing his eyes to the truth.

If you thought the main story was good, just wait until you dive into the juicy subplots that include Tomo's friends, Carol and Misuzu, making strides to become friends who also see Tomo's feminine side despite it all but also make the necessary steps to figure out their own personal and love lives.

Anime like Tomo-chan is a Girl are usually a one-and-done anime, which is why it wrapped up all of its loose ends by the end of the pilot season. It's possible for this anime in particular to come back with an OVA or a movie of some sort, but us veteran anime watchers (and shojo enthusiasts) know things usually don't bode that way.

5. Vinland Saga

Out of all the anime on this list, Vinland Saga is one of the anime with the most potential to receive another season in 2024. (It did win a pretty prestigious reward after all!) Even so, since this anime is really up in the air, especially because the manga isn't yet finished, it's hard to say if animators are willing to take their chance to adapt where they last left off and just create their own story or just wait for the rest of the story to unfold in an effort to stay true to the original source.

In addition to our protagonist, Thorfinn, learning more about what it really means to be brave and a forgiving person who wishes to add nothing but love and kindness to the world, we are in the middle of a nasty war between King Cantue's country versus nearly anyone who stands in the way of his plan to take over the continent.

King Canute is doing everything in his power to ensure he continues to have the upper hand, even if he has to do things that will forever haunt him. He needs more manpower, sure. But above all, he needs the wisdom to continue to mist his enemies and lead his country to victory. He's already faced many losses, so he is desperate to settle the score and push to the end.

We don't know where the manga will lead us, which is why another season of Vinland Saga isn't something we know if we're going to get later this year. Our fingers are crossed, but our expectations are pretty low.

Even though anime like Attack on Titan and Tomo-Chan is a Girl aren't titles we will see in 2024, there are still tons of highly-anticipated anime releases that we know we can't wait to watch, such as Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc, Solo Leveling, Kaiju No. 8, and maybe even Arcane season 2!

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