8 most disliked RWBY characters, ranked

We love the show, we love our heroes, and we love some of our villains. But we don't love all the character we meet in RWBY. Let's look at 8 of them that get the most hate.

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Oh, RWBY, you kaleidoscope of kickassery (yes, I just made this word up) and heart!

This show isn't just a mere animated series - it's a whirlwind adventure through a world so vibrant and characters so rich, you'd wish you could enroll at Beacon Academy yourself (life-threatening peril and all). From the moment Ruby Rose slices through the air with her scythe, you know you're in for a treat - a buffet of battles, emotions, and, yes, a fashion sense that could only come from a world where fighting gear and evening gowns are one and the same.

RWBY's roster reads like a who's who of "I wish they were my best friend" or "Please teach me your ways, oh mighty warrior." You've got the titular team RWBY, a quartet of heroines each bringing their own unique flavor to the mix: Ruby's boundless optimism and giant scythe, Weiss's icy elegance and sharp wit, Blake's mysterious allure and shadowy past, and Yang's fiery spirit and pun-tastic humor.

But beyond Team RWBY, the show introduces us to a plethora of characters each more colorful than the last. From the stoic and mysterious Qrow Branwen, whose semblance is as unlucky as his drinking habits, to the powerhouse Pyrrha Nikos, whose prowess in battle is only matched by her humility. That's not even mentioning the delightful Nora Valkyrie, who's more like if a thunderstorm were also your overly energetic friend who loves pancakes. Each character, no matter how brief their screen time, is crafted with layers of backstory, personality, and potential, making Remnant feel like a world bursting at the seams with stories waiting to be told. Villains turn into allies, allies face their inner demons, and everyone is fighting for something - be it justice, redemption, or a place to call home.

RWBY's charm lies not just in its action-packed sequences or its intricate plot but in the diverse cast that brings the world of Remnant to life. These characters, with their unique semblances (superpowers, for the uninitiated), diverse backgrounds, and personal growth arcs, offer something for every viewer to connect with as well as highly dislike. Among these incredible characters we love and adore, there are those we really don't care much about. These are either villains, who break our hearts by picking off some of the iconic characters with their evil ways, or good guys and gals as well, with their annoying habits or weird character arcs.

Let's look at 8 of the most disliked characters within the RWBY community, shall we?