8 most disliked RWBY characters, ranked

We love the show, we love our heroes, and we love some of our villains. But we don't love all the character we meet in RWBY. Let's look at 8 of them that get the most hate.

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8. Neptune Vasilias

Introduced as the epitome of suave and debonair, with a hairstyle that likely requires a small fortune in hair gel and a flirtatious wink ready at a moment's notice, Neptune was meant to capture hearts. However, instead of swooning, some fans found themselves rolling their eyes at what seemed to be a walking cliché, and I have to agree.

Neptune's attempt to embody the "cool guy" trope felt like a missed opportunity for depth and complexity, leading to a disconnect between him and the audience. It was as if he strutted straight out of a 90s teen movie, complete with a soundtrack that only he could hear, expecting the world of RWBY to bend to his coolness. But the world of Remnant is full of complex characters facing their demons, and next to them, Neptune's suave facade seemed like an unnecessary distraction.

Then there's the irony of Neptune Vasilias, a name evoking the god of the sea, who is, in a twist that should add layers to his character, afraid of water. This reveal was intended to add some vulnerability to his otherwise slick exterior, offering a chance for character development and empathy, a chance to relate and connect with the audience. However, for some fans, this trait seemed more like a quirky afterthought than a meaningful exploration of fear and growth. This missed opportunity left Neptune paddling in the shallow end of character development, unable to swim in the deeper waters of complexity that fans have come to expect from the RWBY universe.

So, while Neptune aimed to make a splash, he instead left some fans wishing for a character wave that kind of missed the mark a bit.