8 most disliked RWBY characters, ranked

We love the show, we love our heroes, and we love some of our villains. But we don't love all the character we meet in RWBY. Let's look at 8 of them that get the most hate.

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5. Adam Taurus

This one is number 1 in my personal list of disliked characters.

Adam Taurus, with his edgy red and black mask and a semblance that could give even the bravest Huntsman pause, could have been one of the most complex and compelling characters in the series. Instead, he's often found at the top of the "Most Disliked Characters" list, and for reasons that go beyond just being the bad guy.

Adam's relationship with Blake Belladonna is a masterclass in how not to treat someone you claim to care about. His manipulative and abusive behavior towards her gives viewers a front-row seat to a toxic relationship that's all too real for some. It's this portrayal of real-world issues without a satisfying resolution that leaves a bitter taste. Rather than exploring the depths of his character and possibly providing a path to redemption or downfall, Adam becomes a symbol of irredeemable obsession and anger, making it easy for us to dislike him.

His role as a violent extremist leading the White Fang from a group advocating for the rights of Faunus to a terrorist organization only adds fuel to the fire of disdain.

While RWBY does not shy away from depicting the complexities of moral ambiguity and the reasons behind a character's fall from grace, Adam's arc feels like a missed opportunity. The potential to delve into his motivations, to provide a fully fleshed-out backstory that might explain but not excuse his actions, was largely left unexplored. When his journey abruptly (and fortunately) ends in Volume 6, it's incredibly satisfying yet leaves a void where there could have been a story of redemption or a more profound commentary on hate and vengeance.

Instead, Adam's legacy in RWBY is one that was full of potential, a character who could have been a fascinating study in contrasts but instead remains a cautionary tale of wasted opportunities and the easy path of hate.