8 most disliked RWBY characters, ranked

We love the show, we love our heroes, and we love some of our villains. But we don't love all the character we meet in RWBY. Let's look at 8 of them that get the most hate.

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3. Cinder Fall

Cinder Fall, the femme fatale of the RWBY universe, notorious for her fiery temper and equally scorching ambition. But why does she ignite such a blaze of dislike among the fandom? Let's dive into the simmering cauldron of reasons.

Cinder's penchant for mischief and mayhem isn't just a small spark - it's a raging inferno that consumes all in its path, including some of the most cherished characters. Imagine sitting down to a feast of your favorite show, only to have Cinder swoop in and turn the table into ashes. Her actions are the equivalent of snatching the ice cream right out of your hand on a scorching day - it's not just the act itself but the loss of what you held dear that stings. Or, should I say, burns.

But there's more to this pyre of unpopularity than meets the eye. Cinder's character, shrouded in mystery, might have been a canvas for complexity, yet some fans see her as a sketch rather than a masterpiece. Despite her crucial role and potent power, a perceived lack of character development and motivation leaves her feeling more like a two-dimensional villain in a world that thrives on depth and transformation. Though we do find out about her sad and violent Cinderella-story-like past (Cinder = Cinderella, anyone?), it's done in the eighth Volume when it should have been done much earlier.

In the grand tapestry of RWBY, where characters grow, falter, and evolve, Cinder's arc seems to simmer on a back burner, making her a prime candidate for audience ire when combined with just how many of our beloved characters she takes away from us.