9 most epic Bane moments throughout the Batman comics and movies

Bane has had some epic movie scenes and comic book moments over the years, but these are the best  9.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - The Battle of Gotham Begins Scene (6/10) | Movieclips
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - The Battle of Gotham Begins Scene (6/10) | Movieclips / Movieclips

People will say that Joker is Batman’s greatest enemy, but they’d be wrong. That title belongs to Bane. He’s smarter, stronger, and more patient than Joker could ever hope to be. That’s why Batman fears him in a way other villains can’t.

Throughout DC Comics and Dark Knight Rises, Bane has had some epic moments. He’s beaten the Dark Knight in ways that no one else has and these are the top 9. 

9. Helping Superman

Source: Injustice: Year 5

Doomsday is a force of nature. During the Death of Superman story arc, He defeated dozens of superpowered beings with ease. During Injustice: Year 5, Superman went up against him again. This time, Bane intervened. Together, the monster was taken down. Superman may have done the heavy lifting, but Bane turned to tide. That’s still a win for the Man Who Broke The Bat.

8. Defeating the Bat Family

Source: I Am Bane

Bruce sat Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, and Duke Thomas down at Bat Burger. He told them that Bane was in town and he needed two things from them. They had to leave Gotham and not go after Bane. Duke was the only one who listened. Bruce returns to the Batcave and finds Jason, Dick, and Damian unconscious with, “I am Bane” written on their chests. 

7. Defeating all of Arkham Asylum

Source: Batman: I am Bane

Bane needed Psycho-Pirate to cure his addiction to Venom. The problem is Batman had Psycho-Pirate working Gotham Girl at the opposite end of Arkham Asylum. What seemed difficult was proven not to be. Bane easily defeats the Arkham Asylum inmates.

6. Mentally breaking the Bat

Source: Batman by Tom King

Bane allowed Batman to beat him during I am Bane. It was part of his plan to ruin the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne’s life. Things like Catwoman leaving Bruce at the alter and Commissioner Gordon turning on him were all set in motion by Bane. This time, he broke Batman mentally. It may have been worse than breaking his back. 

5. Crashing the plane

Source: Dark Knight Rises

This is one of the most talked about scenes in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Bane tricked his way onto a government plane and did more than crash it. He made it appear to be something else while taking the scientist he needed. An underrated part of this is how his followers were willing to die for his cause.

4. Dark Knight speeches

Source: Dark Knight Rises

People laughed at Bane’s voice, but they can’t deny that Tom Hardy was incredible. All of his speeches were delivered well and with emotion. You can poke fun at the way he spoke, but it became memorable and helped make him popular on Harley Quinn.

3. Breaking Batman’s back

Source: Batman: Knightfall and Dark Knight Rises

When Bane was announced as the villain in Dark Knight Rises comic book fans wanted him to break Batman's back. It’s one of Batman’s biggest defeats and an iconic moment. When it happened in Knightfall, it was unbelievable. Bane doing it in Dark Knight Rises was just as good. Maybe better because Bane's domination was live-action.

2. Taking over Gotham

Source: City of Bane

After Breaking Batman, Bane took over Gotham City and Psycho-Pirate used his powers to control Gotham’s supervillains to follow Bane's orders. Batman and his family were ordered to stay out of Bane’s city or else. Bane was not bluffing.

1. Killed Alfred

Source: City of Bane

After Damian Wayneis was caught in Gotham, Bane showed that his threats were real. While Damian was tied up at Wayne Manor, Bane broke Alfred’s neck. Robin was helpless as he watched someone who truly cared for him murdered.

Bane has killed a lot of people, but none of them were as beloved as Alfered Pennyworth. Doing it in front of Damian made it worse. 

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