Alexandra Daddario stuns as Rogue in jaw-dropping X-Men concept art

Thanks to one talented digital artist, Marvel fans are finally getting the chance to see what Alexandria Daddario could look like in the role of Rogue -- and we're so sold on her playing the iconic X-Men hero!
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We know the X-Men are coming to the MCU. This is no longer wishful thinking or dreaming, it’s a reality that is quickly coming to fruition with several X-Men characters having already made their MCU debuts in small cameos which will soon grow into even larger roles within the broader MCU timeline. 

While the X-Men we’ve seen in the MCU so far have all been characters who previously appeared in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies, it’s only a matter of time before new actors begin making their debuts within the MCU to tackle some of the most iconic characters from the roster. 

Every fan has a list of the X-Men characters they hope to see appear in the MCU’s X-Men projects including many characters we’ve previously seen appear within films. For many, the X-Men’s arrival in the MCU presents an opportunity for Marvel Studios to redeem characters who fans feel were let down by 20th Century be it in the way they chose to adapt the characters in their various movies or the lack of materials provided to the characters which resulted in less than memorable character development and storylines. 

Among the characters many fans are eager to see enter the MCU is Rogue, who appeared in the original X-Men movie franchise portrayed by Anna Paquin. There is no denying that Paquin’s Rogue is iconic, but the character was unlike the Rogue we knew from the comics or X-Men: The Animated Series. Instead of being a bold, outspoken Southern Belle type who could stand her own against the likes of the most powerful heroes and villains, the Rogue we saw in the movies was unsure, quiet, and not nearly as powerful as her comic book counterpart. It was almost as if she was an entirely different character. 

Needless to say, fans such as myself as excited for the potential of seeing a more confident and powerful Rogue within the MCU whenever the time comes to cast the role. And when that time comes, there is one actress we have to admit seems perfect to take on the X-Men’s iconic hero! 

X-Men fan art imagines Alexandra Daddario as Rogue

Among the many actresses who have been at the forefront of fan casts is Alexandra Daddario, who fans have been hoping to see join a superhero project for years now. It’s not surprising that Daddario is many fans’ top choice to play Rogue as she not only is a phenomenal actress who would undoubtedly make the role her own, but she does share a striking resemblance to the Rogue we’re used to seeing in the pages of Marvel Comics. 

One can only imagine what Daddario would bring to the role, and thanks to one artist’s amazing fan art we no longer have to only imagine what she could look like in the iconic role as well. 

With rumors of Deadpool & Wolverine bringing many X-Men into the MCU, digital artist Diamond Dead was inspired to create what can only be described as a stunning piece of concept art that imagines Daddario in the role of Rogue. 

“Marvel takes it's fair time to introduce the X-Men in the MCU. Meanwhile Deadpool & Wolverine will make the first step to bring Wolverine into the MCU at least. With that said, I was quite bored and just messed around a bit and felt like making something Rogue related. So here's a fun little edit of Alexandria Daddario as the MCU's version of Rogue. Enjoy!”

In the jaw-dropping art, Daddario is transformed into a version of Rogue that is more comic book accurate than anything the 20th Century films ever gave us. From Rogue’s signature green and yellow jumpsuit to her equally iconic bomber jacket and signature brown and white hair, no detail is spared in creating a concept art that showcases why Daddario is at the top of many fans’ lists for who Marvel should turn to when it comes time to cast Rogue for the MCU. 

Of course, the biggest question is would Daddario even want to play a superhero role? 

Alexandra Daddario isn’t opposed to playing a superhero

While Alexandra Daddario hasn’t confirmed meeting with Marvel Studios at any point in recent years, Daddario is fully aware that her name often comes up in discussions among the comic book community and has shared that she would love to be a part of a superhero project. 

"I would love to be part of any of those films," the actress shared with when asked about fans regularly suggesting her for superhero roles. "I don't focus too much on that stuff. If something makes sense, great, but I try not to think about roles that I don't have yet, or that I don't have auditions for yet. I just take things as they go, so there isn't a specific character that I've been obsessing about and dying to play. Until it's presented to me, that's when I start to think about it."

Daddario being open to the idea of playing a superhero is key as there are many actors in the industry who have been quite vocal about not having any interest in playing a superhero be it in a Marvel Studios project or otherwise. So the fact that Daddario is interested in being a part of a superhero movie suggests that there is hope she could someday join the MCU. Now whether that ends up being as Rogue or as another character, we’ll have to wait to see; however, the fact that Daddario is a fan of what Marvel has done and is open to a superhero role hints that she could someday enter the MCU. 

As the above fan art proves, Daddario would absolutely be a perfect pick for Rogue and we have no doubt she’d give an iconic performance. The same could be said for any character she was to tackle, though, as Daddario is so well versed that she would without a doubt deliver an iconic performance regardless of which character she’s tasked with playing!

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