Batman: All 7 Catwoman suits ranked from worst to best

Catwoman has donned many catsuits on the screen but which of the Batman femme fatale's many adaptations produced the best look?

On the set of Batman Returns
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The Batman, Zoë Kravitz, Catwoman
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4. The Batman's Catwoman

Worn by: Zoë Kravitz

The most recent of the Catwomen to make her presence felt on the silver screen, Zoë Kravitz made a major impression on viewers in The Batman, with many already calling her the best actress to play the role. She also had an incredibly practical catsuit that was, for the most part, comic-accurate.

An all-black leather one-piece with a large belt wrapped around the torso, it was an inherently Catwoman look, but one that didn't feel too extra or ambitious for the grounded world of The Batman. She's not the veteran Catwoman we know from the comics just yet, so it makes sense that - like Batman - she has opted for a more simple approach.

The biggest difference is the mask, which is your typical cat-burglar mask (albeit styled with cat-ears). It doesn't exactly go with the sleek outfit and yet it completes the look anyway; matching the tone of The Batman to perfection.

3. The '60s Catwoman suits

Worn by: Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt

Three actresses portrayed Catwoman in the 1966 Batman franchise. Julie Newmar played the role in the first two seasons of the TV series, with Lee Meriwether replacing her in the big screen adaptation Batman: The Movie, and Eartha Kitt stepping in for three episodes in season 3. All three wore the same suit, albeit with slight modifications here and there, and there is a reason why it's still considered so iconic over half a decade later.

The suit was made out of lurex, which produced a stunning shimmery finish that instantly grabbed people's attention whenever Newmar first donned it in the first season of the TV series. The look was completed by cat ears that were worn on each actresses' head and a domino mask across their eyes. Newmar's was also renowned for the gold jewellery she wore around her neck, while Kitt's had a more square-shaped mask. Meriwether's had more of a straightforward look about it that made sense as she was the most logical of Batman: The Movie's foursome of villains.

All three of the '60s Catwomen wore the suit incredibly well and this look has understandably gone down in history as one of the most iconic to ever grace the big and small screens.