Bam Smack Pow Comic book Awards: The best Marvel, DC, and more of 2023

What are the best comic books and moments of 2023? Here they are with awards to go with them.

Superman & Lois -- “Complications” -- Image Number: SML311a_0060r -- Pictured: Tyler Hoechlin as
Superman & Lois -- “Complications” -- Image Number: SML311a_0060r -- Pictured: Tyler Hoechlin as /
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Biggest Mistake in a Comic Book: Amanda Waller Dr. Hate

Comic book: Titans: Beast World

Amanda Waller truly believes that metahumans shouldn't be allowed to exist. The irony is she uses them for her own needs. In Titans: Beast World No. 1, one of Amanda Waller’s workers (Dr. Hate) puts the world in danger. In the next issue, she realizes she may have gone too far.

If you're a fan of DC Comics, you know this won't stop her from trying to complete her mission. Amanda Waller is among the most stubborn characters in comics.

Comic Book Fight of the Year: Batman vs. The Bat Family

Comic books: Batman No. 137 and 138

During DC Comics' Gotham War, Batman had two intense fights with his family. During the first, Batman was holding his own until the numbers became overwhelming. If Damian didn’t step in, Bruce would have been captured. In the next issue, Nightwing and Tim Drake put a beating on Bruce. Again, Batman was lucky he escaped.

Biggest Reveal in a Comic Book: Nightcrawler’s father

Comic books: X-Men Blue: Origins

For years, comic book fans believed Azazel was Nightcrawler’s father. X-Men Blue: Origins set the record straight. Mystique isn't Kurt's mother. She impregnated Destiny. This proved that Mystique does more than shape-shift. Now she's stronger and more dangerous than ever. 

Comic Book Couple of the Year: Deadpool and Valentine Vuong

Comic book: Deadpool

Deadpool finally found someone who understood him. Valentine loved everything about Wade from his true face to his jokes and murderous ways. When things got bad, they didn’t break up. They fought for each other and remained a couple. Hopefully, their relationship lasts.