Batman: All 11 animated Batsuits ranked from worst to best

Batman has had many looks over the years, but which animated series had the best Batsuit?
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5]
Batman The Animated Series: Eternal Youth [5] / Batman: The Animated Series
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Harley Quinn, Batman
Harley Quinn season 3. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max /

9. Harley Quinn

DC Universe/HBO Max/Max's Harley Quinn might not officially be a Batman series, but The Dark Knight plays something of a recurring role in it. If you've watched this show, you'll know it's not to be taken too seriously and that often comes across in the animations and illustrations too, which can look eccentric. That definitely goes for Batman and his Batsuit.

The Caped Crusader is much bulkier in this animated series and thus requires a much bigger Batsuit. It's almost as if it draws inspiration from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns in that aspect, and the same could be said about its actual design. It boasts a much bigger bat (sans the yellow backdrop) and the black and grey color scheme. That said, its color is a bit more purplish that your traditional animated Batsuits.

There is a lot going on in the torso area, with armor plates resembling the ones Michael Keaton's Batman wore in Batman Returns. That sets it apart from the vast majority of the character's animated shows and definitely scores it some points, as does the decision to highlight the armor below the belt as well, particularly in the knee area.

It's not the most aesthetically-pleasing Batsuit to grace the screen but Harley Quinn's iteration earns points for switching it up with a design that matches the outlandishness of the world it has created.