Batman: All 7 Mad Hatter actors ranked from worst to best

He super, instant, and mesmerizing, but which version of Batman villain the Mad Hatter is the best of them all?
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The Mad Hatter is one of Batman's most bizarre villains. On one hand, he's an unusual character who devotes his life to playing a deranged version of an Alice in Wonderland character; it could be quite gimmicky depending on the adaptation. On the other, though, he's unsettling (and even potentially terrifying!), taking that gimmick too far and plunging those around him into a reality other than their own.

We've seen both interpretations make their presence felt on the screen over the years. While we wouldn't expect anything less for such a veteran Batman villain, he hasn't had the exposure that one might think a character with the name of "The Mad Hatter" would get.

Introduced in the DC Comics in 1948, Jervis Tetch has an affinity for employing mind control in order to get others to do his bidding (and an unnerving talent of making it happen). Though he is known by name in the mainstream, he isn't on the caliber of Batman's primary villains (like The Joker or The Penguin) and that has meant he hasn't had as many adaptations as those baddies.

The good news is that this is constantly changing, as we've seen multiple portrayals of him in recent years, all of which accompany an abundance of animated appearances over the years. But speaking of television's Mad Hatters, just which actor played him the best?

From Batman '66 to Gotham, let's look back at the Mad Hatters and rank them!

Note: While there were other actors to voice the Mad Hatter in various animated Batman adaptations over the years, this list will take a look at the best and most significant portrayals of the character.