Batman: All 7 Mad Hatter actors ranked from worst to best

He super, instant, and mesmerizing, but which version of Batman villain the Mad Hatter is the best of them all?
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4. Roddy McDowall

Appeared in: Batman: The Animated Series

Roddy McDowall may be best known to Batman fans for playing The Bookworm in the 1966 Batman TV series but he also voiced The Mad Hatter in 1993's Batman: The Animated Series. He did such a darn good job in the role as this was one of the first mainstream portrayals of the modernized, unhinged iteration of the character, portraying just how dark he could be.

This version of the character was as visually eccentric as you could imagine. With yellow hair, a bright blue coat, a green shirt, that unnerving top hat, and a Cheshire Cat-like grin, he was one of Batman: The Animated Series' most frightening villains. Until this point, many hadn't taken the Mad Hatter seriously, but yet again, the classic series changed minds.

McDowall's performance went a long way in driving that home. He captured Jervis Tetch's misguided passion for Alice In Wonderland, the controlling tendencies, and the desperation to make his fantasies a reality. It all made him an unexpectedly major threat to Batman and officially introduced non-comic book fans to the more chilling version of the Mad Hatter.

This was a far-cry from the colorful Bookworm character, but McDowall was every bit as committed to the role.