Booster Gold show close to securing lead actor and a showrunner for DC Studios

Ahead of Booster Gold having their lead actor, Warner Bros./DC Studios are close to hiring their showrunner to spearhead the series...
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According to infamous scooper Daniel Richtman (aka Daniel RPK), Warner Bros. and DC Studios already have their leading actor to play Michael Jon Carter aka Booster Gold, and are very close to tapping their showrunner to be the forefront of the Booster Gold series.

Once referred to as DC’s greatest superhero you never even heard of, hailing from the 25th century, the former star quarterback who ended up in a dead-end job as a night watchman at a space museum in Metropolis, Mike Carter traveled back in time in the late 20th century to become the celebrity and time-adventuring superhero, Booster Gold. He first appeared in the self-titled ongoing series published by DC in February 1986.

The character has been featured in several animated series and a couple of live-action appearances in The WB/CW show Smallville portrayed by Eric Martsolf (pictured above) in its tenth and final season and a different version of Booster Gold simply called “Mike” in Legends of Tomorrow played by Donald Faison.   

DC has had many failed attempts at bring Booster Gold to the big and small screen

A television series based on Booster Gold was ordered by Syfy and has been in development by Greg Berlanti since November 2011, with Andrew Kreisberg submitting a script in June 2013.

It then morphed into a standalone motion picture film in 2016, with Booster Gold set to appear in a Blue Beetle movie in an early draft before their self-titled film. In one instance, Berlanti was set to helm Booster Gold on the big screen as director and producer with Zack Stentz as screenwriter. However, neither this appearance nor these projects ever materialized.

Now, a Booster Gold series that is set in the mainstream DCU described as an “outright comedy” was announced by co-chairman and co-CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran, as part of its slate in January 2023, for the Max streaming service.

While there are not many details as to who is in the running to be the showrunner, the fact that WBD and DC Studios have already got their lead means the project is a lot further along the process in development than anticipated.

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