DC Comics: Absolute Power feels like a classic in the making

Every five years or so, a comic book series changes the game. This is what DC Comics hopes Absolute Power will be. It's only one issue in, but DC Comics could have a classic on their hands.
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC
Absolute Power | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

Amanda Waller's plan started before DC Comics: Dark Crisis. She's always said that metahumans are a threat and that she'd prove it; Dark Crisis is just where she sets things in motion.

For almost a year, she gathered people and objects to gain power over metahumans. Among them were Batman's Failsafe, Brainiac Queen, Dreamer, and Amazo robots. It was becoming the most calculated strike in comic book history. But could the series stick the landing? If issue No. 1 of Absolute Power is any indication of the rest of the series, then yes, this will be a classic.

"In a world run by a media echo chamber, no matter how many busloads of nuns Superman saves, you can make an uncomfortably large number of people doubt their own eyes and ears. All you have to do is refine your message into a memorable catchphrase – ’superheroes are coming for you’ and repeat it fifty-thousand times."

Amanda Waller

The first step was using artificial intelligence to create doctored videos of metahumans slaughtering fake people around the world. This leads to superheroes worldwide being attacked and sent to the hospital (among them are Animal Man and Black Lightning’s family). Batman suggests metahumans stay together to help people and prove they aren’t doing the things they’re accused of. Unfortunately, this was part of Waller’s plan. With all the heroes together, they were easier to take out.

Waller sent all her Amazos (she's calling them Taskforce VII) to take all of the heroes' powers. For magic users, they didn’t lose their connection to magic. Instead, they forgot how to conjure spells. Amanda Waller thought so far ahead that she made a deal with the United Planets. No one could leave Earth and no one was coming to their rescue. If that wasn’t bad enough, Waller accessed the heroes’ radio frequency thanks to Oliver Queen's betrayal. He believes that metahumans haven't done enough and things need to change. Out of everything that happened, this hurt the most.

Let’s call this like it is. Amanda Waller has done what only Ultron and Thanos can boast. She didn’t just beat her enemies; she demoralized them and stripped them of their powers. She even captured some of them. The end of the issue shows Jon Kent (Superman’s son) strapped to a table with wires inside him. He doesn’t know who he is and it looks like he can’t control himself. There’s no telling what Waller has planned for him. I wouldn't be surprised if she has control of Jon and uses him to further her agenda. Stay Tuned to Bam Smack Pow to see if that happens.

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