DC Comics: Amanda Waller proves she'll work with anyone including demons

Amanda Waller is willing to work with Trigon to get what she wants and Waller says she wants real power.

The Suicide Squad Amanda Waller character art. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
The Suicide Squad Amanda Waller character art. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures /

Comic book characters like Nick Fury aren’t necessarily evil. They’ll do awful things others can’t to keep the world spinning. It’s a curse that characters like him take on that no one else can. They’re aware of who they are but understand they're needed. Then you have Amanda Waller.

Amanda Waller has always toed the line between being a force for good. After DC Comics Dark Crisis, things changed. She was ordered to deal with the metahuman community. Of course, Waller accepts. She’s hated superhumans for decades. Soon after, DC Comics Beast World showed how far she would go. Waller prepared to kill millions of innocent people despite being the person who caused their condition (the humans were turned into giant animals).

Titans No. 9 proves that Amanda Waller is willing to take things further. Peacemaker is giving a tour to a new Bureau of Sovereignty and tells them they (Waller and her team) are on the side of good. As Peacemaker finishes the sentence, they walk in on Amanda Waller making a deal with Trigon. Peacemaker wisely backs out of the room without saying anything.

Trigon tells Waller he has concerns about his daughter (Trilogy, not Raven). Trigon says he wants the Titans removed from Trilogy's life. Waller agrees but wants something in return. Trigon isn't happy about this and threatens her. Waller is unphased by his attempt at intimidation and tells the demon that she’s faced some of the most powerful threats across the universe. Trigon offers Waller the presidency, but Waller responds that she’s looking for real power.

For all of Waller’s talk about metahumans, she’s willing to work with a being of pure evil. Not only that, she’s looking for power. It makes you wonder if her disdain for superhumans stems from jealousy. She’s told different stories, but retcons happen and, of course, she could have been lying all along. 

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out what power Tirgon grants Amanda Waller, what’s next for the Titans, and more.

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