DC Comics: Titans: Beast World ends with triumph and tragedy

The DC Comics crossover Titans: Beast World ends with Amanda Waller gaining more control than she's ever had.
Teagan Croft in Titans Season 3, Episode 9 - Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max
Teagan Croft in Titans Season 3, Episode 9 - Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max /

WARNING!!!! Spoiler for Titans: Beast World ahead

The DC Comics crossover Titans: Beast World was the first big fight for the Titans. Of course, it ended up being an event that could have destroyed the world. Amanda Waller used this event to make people afraid of superhumans. She ordered Doctor Hate to turn Beast Boy into a mindless Starro. Instead of controlling people with his spores, they turned them into humanoid animals.

Before Waller could order a strike to kill anyone infected, Nightwing came up with a plan to kill the spores once they left the people. Unfortunately, the Titans didn’t realize that the spores were part of Beast Boy and held his memories.

After they were gathered up, there wasn’t enough of Garfield Logan to form thoughts. He was left an empty husk. Thankfully, with the help of Detective Chimp, Beast Boy’s mind got a bit of a jumpstart and his memory returned. Beast Boy wasn't just back from the dead (Titans: Beast World No. 4), he was himself again.

Too bad that’s the only good news coming out of Titans: Beast World.

Amanda Waller wins

In the wake of the tragic event, Amanda Waller used the opportunity to slander the Titans. She told the world that a team with aliens, monsters, and demons couldn't be trusted. While she isn’t saying anything new, where Waller gave this speech is important. She does this in front of the Hall of Justice and declares that it’s no longer a home for heroes and reveals that it’s now called the Hall of Order. 

"We star here. By taking back a symbol. By taking back a seat of power that were never given and which was never earned." -Amanda Waller

It isn’t just a building. The Hall of Justice is a symbol. It’s a place where people can look for hope. They knew that, behind those doors, were the greatest heroes in the world. The public still believes that. The difference is that the symbol has been perverted. The Hall of Justice stood for helping everyone and putting their lives on the line. Waller was willing to kill millions of people to prove a point.

Nevertheless, this was a major public victory for Amanda Waller.

Waller has a mole on the inside

The bad news doesn’t end there. Raven lost the fight with the demonic version of herself (read Titans: Beast World No. 5 for more on that). We don’t know if one of Waller’s people intervened or if Raven lost on her own. All that’s certain is Raven is imprisoned in the gem on her imposter’s forehead.

"Your friends don't even know you're gone, Rachel." -Demon Raven

Raven will get out at some point, but not before the damage is done. Not only does Waller have someone behind her enemy’s line, but Demon Raven will do everything she can to make the Titans look bad. And, if she can affect her teammate's emotions, Demon-Raven can easily find a way to destroy the Titans from the inside. No matter what she does, Waller and Demon Raven are in control of the situation.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out what Amanda Waller and Demon Raven do next.

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