DC Comics announces the end of superpowers in summer event Absolute Power

Will the DC Comics event Absolute Power give Amanda Waller a world where she reigns supreme or did she put Earth in even more danger?

Batman: Failsafe | Comic Trailer | DC
Batman: Failsafe | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

Amanda Waller’s hatred of superheroes is infamously known. Despite her disdain, she has no problem using people with superhuman abilities for her missions. She currently has a couple under her control and that’s not counting Task Force X. Her obsession is going to reach an all-time high this summer. DC Comics announced its next crossover event Absolute Power where she’ll steal all metahuman abilities around the world.

Along with the announcement DC.com states: “Throughout the Dawn of DC, Amanda Waller’s combination of pure ruthlessness and dangerous alliances has placed her on the precipice of fulfilling her pledge—the elimination of all metahuman abilities planetwide.”

As great as Amanda Waller is, she can't pull this off on her own. She will have Failsafe (Batman's robotic villain with the mind of Zur-En-Arrh) and Brainiac Queen on her side. Together, they will make her dream of a super-powerless world become a reality. Of course, there's no way Brainiac Queen and Failsafe don't have plans of their own and they won't involve Waller.

This event will affect every DC comic book. Because of that, there's a question everyone should ask. How will certain heroes survive their enemies without their powers? Characters like Superman and Wonder Woman have proven themselves dangerous without their superior strength.

Batman and the Bat Family have an advantage in this scenario. Except for Duke Thomas, none of them are superhuman. However, Duke Thomas has trained to fight and survive without his powers. That's why all of them can defeat their villains without superhuman strength and lasers shooting out of their eyes. However, can heroes like The Flash and Beast Boy do the same or will they become liabilities?

What about Cyborg? He doesn’t have powers. Does this mean his robotics will be taken away as well? If so, what happens to him? His body is more machine than human. There are also characters whose powers keep them alive. Black Adam is hundreds of years old. He’ll die without his powers.

We’ll have to wait until June to find out the answers. 

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