DC Comics: If Raven turns evil, blame the villains

Titans: Beast War could be turning Raven into an evil, uncaring person. If that happens, blame Amanda Waller.

Titans: Beast World | Comic Trailer | DC
Titans: Beast World | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

There are a few heroes that everyone knows not to mess with. Wolverine will hunt you to the ends of the Earth to get revenge. When he catches you, you won't like the results. Emma Frost can torture you in ways that will haunt you or she'll make you do something that'll embarrass you forever. And Wanda Maximoff’s power scared Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No one has ever done that. Another hero that people may forget about is Raven. A character with more power and creativity than even she realizes.

Raven remains calm because she knows what she’s capable of. If she loses control, the result can be disastrous. She has the potential to destroy the world or (literally) bring Hell on Earth. Recently, she seems to be less restrained than normal and that’s a problem.

In Titans No. 4, she sent Xand'r (who was masquerading as Brother Eternity) to the Phantom Zone. A fate that a lot of beings consider worse than death. When she told her teammates what she did, they looked worried. Not just because she’s powerful enough to do it. She didn’t show restraint, mercy, or check with them before she sent him away. Their concerns are warranted.

In Titans: Beast World No. 4, Garfield Logan (Beast Boy) was killed. Amanda Waller sent a human black hole (Chester Runk) into his body. It killed him and Beast Boy from inside Gar's body. The issue ends without Raven calling out for Gar. This will not end well for a lot of people. Especially Doctor Hate.

Readers are going to witness a side of Raven they haven’t seen. We’ve seen her angry, but never like this. Raven and Beast Boy finally got to a place where they could be a couple just for it to be taken from her. Doctor Hate made the mistake of making his presence known. Raven will be able to find him at some point. When she does, it will lead her to Amanda Waller. Unfortunately, this may not be a good thing. 

No matter how Raven reacts when she sees Waller, it won’t be good. If Raven attacks her, it proves Waller’s point that metahumans can’t be trusted. If Raven even intimidates Waller, the same thing applies. However, it’ll be worse if she does nothing.

The anger will build inside of her. Eventually, it’ll have to be let out. When it does, the world will be in danger. Imagine if she goes to her father (Trigon) to get revenge on the world. Luckily, it’s likely that Beast Boy will return before Titans: Beast World concludes. If he doesn't, Raven could become the next big bad the Titans have to take on.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out if that happened.