DC Comics: (Spoiler) is killed by Amanda Waller in Titans: Beast World

DC Comics Titans: Beast World No. 4 concludes with the death of a major superhero just as Amanda Waller planned.
Welcome to the Dawn of DC! | Comic Trailer | DC
Welcome to the Dawn of DC! | Comic Trailer | DC / DC

DC Comics’ crossover Titans: Beast World started with the return of Starro. A plan to defeat it came from Beast Boy (Garfield Logan). An unlikely source, but his idea was solid. He would become a version of Starro (combining Garfield and Starro). With the help of Cyborg and Starfire, Garro defeated Starro.

Before Beast Boy could transform, Amanda Waller’s soldier (Doctor Hate) used his powers to put an idea into Garfield's mind. Doctor Hate asked Starro why he was helping humanity. With that idea in his head, Garro started attacking Earth with his spores. When the spores entered a human's mouth, it transformed them into animals. It was everything that Amanda Waller wanted. Now she could make superhuman look worse than ever.

In Titans: Beast World No. 4, Amanda Waller sets her final plan into action. She forced Lex Luthor to use his hidden Justice League Teleporter to send Chester Runk into the middle of Garro. Runk’s power unleashes a void that he can suck things into. Once that was released inside Garro, Beast Boy was killed from the inside and left drifting in space. 

Amanda Waller continues to prove her bias and stubbornness. She put the entire world in danger to prove a point. The irony of it all is she’s using superhumans to do it. Nevertheless, her plan is working. For now, at least. This is only the halfway mark of Titans: Beast World and there’s no way that was the end of Beast Boy.

Besides this only being issue four of eight, there are two villains to worry about. First, there's Brother Entity. He's still running amuck with his own plans and Waller has no idea it’s happening. Second is Doctor Fate. His entire power comes from the Lords of Chaos. Waller is a fool for thinking that someone who’s controlled by chaos lords could be controlled.

Despite being villains, they could be the key to ending this. Waller will eventually need help. When that happens, she’ll call on heroes like Titans. In order to get their help, she may have to admit she caused Beast Boy's change. Or, and this is a long shot, maybe Lex Luthor is the one who exposes her. Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out how Titans: Beast World ends.

What do you think of Amanda Waller's plan? How do you think it will end?