Deadpool and Wolverine new trailer breakdown: He's back, bub

The second trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine has been released and it finally gives us our first real look at Logan's return. Here's what else you can expect from it.
(L-R): Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Wade Wilson in 20th Century Studios/Marvel Studios' DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios/Marvel Studios. © 2024 20th Century Studios / © and ™ 2024 MARVEL.
(L-R): Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool/Wade Wilson in 20th Century Studios/Marvel Studios' DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios/Marvel Studios. © 2024 20th Century Studios / © and ™ 2024 MARVEL. /

It's been said a lot since the Super Bowl, but Deadpool and Wolverine really does have the potential to be this year's biggest movie. It just has so much going for it; from Ryan Reynolds' long-awaited comeback as Deadpool himself, to Hugh Jackman's return to Wolverine (which seemed impossible just two years ago), this multiversal adventure has all the makings of a box-office smash.

We mentioned the Super Bowl, and that's because the trailer that was released during the event was the first real look we got at the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, and believe me when I say we all liked what we saw! However, it only gave us a glimpse of what to expect, making us all wait for the next one.

After much anticipation, the second trailer for the movie once known as Deadpool 3 has been released online. Naturally, Logan has more of a starring role in this one. But what else can we expect from it? Let's dive into it!

Wolverine returns in new Deadpool 3 trailer

It's an obvious thing to say at this point, but Deadpool and Wolverine's biggest selling point is Jackman's return as Wolverine. We all thought it would never happen after the X-Men character's demise in Logan but the impossible is indeed happening, as the claws are coming out in the upcoming MCU movie. The marketing knew we were all waiting for it, too, as the Super Bowl trailer expertly teased us with Wolvie's arrival, showing us his silhouette and nothing more. They made us wait for the next one, and now it's finally here.

The second trailer finally showcases Wolverine, leaning into his return and what it means to Deadpool. As the short teasers that were released ahead of the trailer's debut indicated, Wade has been longing for this moment, begging the X-Men's moodiest mutant to team up with him. It takes us through Logan's history, reminding us of the pain we all suffered when we said goodbye to the character in the 2017 movie.

But he's back now, and teaming up with Deadpool of all people. Wade Wilson, as we know, has been recruited by the Time Variance Authority in the hopes of "saving the MCU's multiverse", but is everything as it seems? We're not quite sure.

It seems that this version of Wolverine let down his entire world and wasn't able to save them. Teaming with Deadpool appears to be his chance to do with. Reluctant as ever, he refuses to at first; but Wade is persuasive, and by the end of the trailer, both men are screaming "Let's F*cking Go!".

The showdown will take them to the Void where they will seemingly do battle with Cassandra Nova, with the first appearance of Emma Corrin in the role. And try as he might, Logan isn't able to get close to the villain, who shares the same powers as Charles Xavier.

The buddy comedy we've been waiting for

Deadpool and Wolverine have quite the love/hate relationship in the comics and fans have been longing to see them united on the big screen. Ironically, this isn't the first time they have crossed paths in a movie, as Ryan Reynolds first played a variation of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While Hugh Jackman was praised for his performance in that movie, the rest of the film wasn't that well-received - particularly what it did to Deadpool.

Taking away The Merc With A Mouth's, well, mouth didn't sit well with fans and it robbed us of some brilliant back-and-forth between the talkative Deadpool and the moody Logan. Thankfully, Reynolds never stopped fighting to bring a real version of the character to the screen, and it was worth it because 2016's Deadpool and its 2018 sequel Deadpool 2 were monster hits. He even convinced Jackman to return for the third movie and that's just so exciting.

As the trailer implies, Logan and Wade's banter is going to be a huge part of the movie, as the unlikely duo will have to work together - for better or worse. And while Deadpool is undoubtedly going to have the time of his life, Wolverine is probably going to hate every minute of it. Until he doesn't.

From the teases that Jackman and Reynolds have been giving fans since the movie was announced, it's been clear that the two have wonderful on-screen chemistry. This trailer reinforces that, as Deadpool and Wolverine looks set to be this year's biggest buddy comedy, and we can't wait to see the two frenemies have the worst - and best - time of their lives in the film.

As they said in the trailer, "Let's F@*kin' Go!"

Deadpool and Wolverine arrives in movie theaters on July 26, 2024.

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