Dreamcasting a Power Rangers reboot

Should the time come to reboot the Power Rangers franchise, we have some ideas about who should take on the key roles.

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Auli'i Cravalho
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Auli'i Cravalho as Trini/Yellow Ranger

Auli'i Cravalho will bring a fresh, dynamic take to the role of Trini, the Yellow Ranger. Known for her breakout role in Moana and her performance in Crush, Cravalho is no stranger to portraying characters with depth and complexity. Her ability to blend humor with heartfelt emotion makes her the perfect successor to Becky G's portrayal in the 2017 film.

Cravalho's range as an actress allows her to explore Trini's multifaceted personality, from her struggles with identity as a Power Ranger to her journey of self-discovery regarding her sexual orientation. She brings a unique blend of swag and vulnerability to the role, mirroring the balance that made Becky G's Trini so relatable and loved by fans.

In this reboot, Trini should out as the emotional anchor of the team, with Cravalho's performance adding layers of empathy and insight. Her Trini is not just a fighter, but she's a peacemaker, using her intuition and understanding to navigate the challenges and conflicts that arise within the group. This will come into play as they face new threats from their mysterious guidance counselor, Scorpina. She'll play a role in discovering the identity of Tommy as the Green Ranger.

Auli'i Cravalho's casting will redefine Trini, giving fans a character who is both strong and sensitive — despite the hard shell.

Miles Brown
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Miles Brown as Billy/Blue Ranger

Billy, who doesn't love the brains of the team. Now is the time to give him a dynamic update by introducing a new layer of depth and resilience. For this pivotal role, Miles Brown, known for his role in Black-ish is the perfect choice. His name has been tossed around in fan cast circles for Miles Morales and Static Shock, and we may as well add Billy to the list. Brown can easily pull off a comedic role with moments of serious reflection, a skill set tailor-made for Billy.

Here's how Billy changes for this film. Despite his prowess with technology and strategy, Billy is still mastering the art of combat, a fact that doesn't stop him from stepping into the MMA tournament—a decision against Jason's cautious advice. His first match against Tommy is a pivotal moment, showcasing Billy's will. Unfortunately, Tommy proves the better, beating Billy so badly that he nearly gets himself disqualified.

Billy notices a glint of remorse in Tommy's eyes that gets extinguished by whispered words from the new guidance counselor. This sparks a journey of recovery and intense training under Zordon's mentorship. His eventual discovery of the truth behind their guidance counselor—Scorpina's disguise. This of course proves, as the series has, that bravery and wisdom are equally vital in the fight against evil.