EXCLUSIVE: The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke talks season 4

Take a a sneak peek into the mind of Eric Kripke and the wild ride that is The Boys season 4.
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Welcome back to a stellar interview with another wonderful being involved with Prime Video's The Boys! This time, I got to chat with the genius behind the show.

Continuing my The Boys interview saga, I got the chance to (virtually) sit down with Eric Kripke, the creator and writer of The Boys, the one responsible for the birth of such an incredible adaptation of the original comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. We talked a little bit about season four, the craziness of the previous seasons, and the three best words to describe this new one.

You can watch our entire interview below:

TL;DR: Eric Kripke is heckin' great.

I couldn’t help but share my latest binge-watch marathon: I had literally just binged the entire fourth season in the 12 hours prior to our conversation. Eric was stunned. “Oh my God. Are you all right?” he asked, genuinely concerned, just like Claudia Doumit asked me the same question in the same way just a few minutes before. I reassured him that I was fine but had (and still have) a lot to unpack and process, but that this fourth season is just... fantastic - it's actually my favorite season so far, to which he humbly replied, “Wow. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. That’s frankly a relief. Thank you.”

Of course, I had to dig into what makes The Boys so consistently awesome. With every episode (let alone season), the show just pushes the envelope further and further, and I just had to know what his secret recipe is for keeping it fresh and exciting. Eric’s answer was pure gold.

He explained that he tries not to worry about topping himself each season. “I just try to stay very, very grounded in the characters and their psychology,” he said. “Then we sort of ‘sci-fi’ it. Like, how do you add this element of superheroes that makes it outrageous or a little fantastic?” He emphasized the importance of showing something new and unseen, always pushing for originality.

As our conversation went on, I asked Eric to describe the fourth season in just three words. After a moment of thought, he came up with, “Intense, current, and milky.” Yes, you read that right - milky. We both had a good laugh over that last one and so will you when you watch this upcoming season. I couldn’t help but express my excitement for everyone else to see the new season. Every single actor worked so hard in their roles, with their performances at what I consider peaking this season, with Eric's superb writing providing the most perfect blueprint for shenanigans and dramatics.

So, there you have it - a sneak peek into the mind of Eric Kripke and the wild ride that is The Boys' season four. Don't forget to tune into Prime Video on June 13th to watch the three-episode premiere of this absolutely insane fourth season!

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