Ludosport: where competitive light saber dueling meets an incredible community

Learn more about this incredibly fun and inclusive sport that is sweeping Europe, the Americas, and Asia off their feet in a ridiculously fun way.

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Imagine a world where the swoosh of a light saber isn’t just confined to your favorite space saga on the big screen but is actually part of a fun, inclusive, and electrifying sport. Well, welcome to Ludosport.

Ludosport isn't just any sport - it's a full-blown adventure into the realm of sci-fi, wrapped in the sweatbands of physical fitness, incredible bonds waiting to be forged, and it's about to become your new favorite pastime. Trust me, that last one happens quickly.

" But, Cam, what in the world is Ludosport?"

I am so glad you asked.

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Ludosport is, in essence, competitive light saber dueling. Yes, light sabers, very similar to those gorgeous, giant glowsticks we all became enamored with because of Star Wars. Those iconic, hum-buzzing swords that can cut through just about anything in the movies are now in the hands of enthusiasts and athletes around the world, albeit in a much safer form. But don’t be fooled - while these blades may not slice through metal doors, the competition is just as fierce as any duel you’ve seen on the silver screen.

Back in 2006, a group of visionary friends in Italy were struck by a bolt of inspiration as bright as a light saber itself. They pondered over their favorite space saga, dreaming of duels that combined the artistry of martial arts with the electrifying allure of lightsabers. Thus, Ludosport was born - a sport where the fantasy of wielding a light saber became a reality. They set out to create a structured, competitive, and most importantly, fun way to bring these iconic battles to life. It was no small task, but their passion ignited a global movement, transforming Ludosport into an international phenomenon. Like the heroes of their favorite tales, they embarked on an epic journey, proving that with a bit of creativity and a lot of heart, even the wildest dreams can come true.

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As of 2024, Ludosport has evolved into a fully-fledged sport complete with its own rules, techniques, and international tournaments. It's where the disciplined precision of fencing meets the creative flair of choreographed combat, all under the banner of friendly competition and community spirit.

Why Ludosport is absolutely awesome

Be a Hero! (or, for us cultured folk, a Villain)

Ever wanted to channel your inner galactic hero or dastardly villain? Ludosport gives you the chance to pick up a light saber and do just that. It’s a sport where sci-fi fantasy meets athletics in the best possible way.

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Fitness? Fun? Both!

Ludosport is an incredible workout that doesn’t feel like one - please trust me when I say that. You’ll be so focused on mastering your next move or landing that perfect strike that you’ll forget you’re exercising. It’s cardio, strength training, and agility work wrapped up in an epic package. I can't tell you how often I don't even realize I'm sweating through my combat or training tees in a single match - and a single match usually lasts about a minute or maybe two.

Not to mention you learn how to wield a long saber, a saber staff (yes, you can unleash your inner Darth Maul or equivalent), or duals - two hilts with shorter blades. Yes, please.

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All are welcome - literally

One of the best things about Ludosport and something that just overflows from it is its inclusivity. Age, fitness level, or being unsure of your ability to wield a light saber like a pro simply doesn’t matter here. There’s a place for everyone in this sport, and the community is as welcoming as it is diverse.

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Learn actual skills

While it’s all fun and games, participants actually learn a wide array of skills from Ludosport. From the basics of swordsmanship to advanced techniques that could make even a Sith Lord envious, practitioners walk away with a new set of skills that go beyond the playing field. And you LARP nerds out there can totally put those to practice in your boffer games - IYKYK.

International stardom

Ludosport isn’t confined to one corner of the galaxy. There are academies and competitions worldwide - with Ludosport Osaka in Japan being the newest academy to open its doors. Imagine going international, not just for your athletic prowess but as a celebrated lightsaber duelist. Actually, you don't even need to imagine - with events like SIS and Champions' Arena, there are plenty of chances to hop on over to a different country or continent and make friendships and connections that challenge the distance. It’s a unique claim that few sports can offer.

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How to get involved

Getting started is as simple as finding your nearest Ludosport academy or club by visiting the official Ludosport website. A quick search will reveal a community of fellow space saga enthusiasts near you, ready to welcome you with open arms (and possibly a spare saber until you blink and somehow end up owning 8 of them in less than 2 years). Most places offer introductory classes where you can get a feel for the sport without any commitment.

Who knows? You might just find your calling as the next great duelist (or instructor - there's always the perfect place for a new school or academy.

ludo circle
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Ludosport is more than just a sport - it’s an experience, a way of life.

It’s a way to live out your space-faring fantasies, meet incredible people, and get in shape without ever feeling like you’re "working out." Whether you see yourself as a guardian of peace and justice or have a penchant for the dark side (hi, it's me, I have a penchant for the dark side), Ludosport offers a unique blend of fun, fitness, and fantasy that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Plus, it gives all of us Star Wars nerds and fans a chance to pretend we're "that one favorite character" for a split second - what else can you ask for?

One name, one sky!

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